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Suddenly my gigs are dead also not able to promote

My Account was working good 2-3 days back. Suddenly Its going down I checked and my gigs have deranked. I tried applying filters in search and after struggle was able to see my gig on last page.

Also I am no more able to promote any of my gigs… I am confused whats happening got no negative review no warning.


same happening with me, i am very upset fiver is my only source of income :confused: i even have 5 star rating not even 1 bad order still fiver do this. Very unfair


Really bro…Same happening with me… I also not able to promote my gig, also my gig on last page!!

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Fiverr keeps shuffling gigs but this is ridiculous to send us on Last page we put our day and night to bring our profiles to top. If they want to shuffle they can keep us on second or third page. I am super disappointed like all my effort of years is suddenly gone to zero for no reason.


mine even not showing in search result