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Suddenly my gigs are down from the first page

My journey to Fiverr has begun on Sep 23. So far, I have completed some orders at the mercy of God. Response rate of 95%, Delivery on time 100%, Order completion 100% and 5-star rating. Everything was going well, but suddenly from a few days, I realize my gig is down from the first page and I will not getting any order. I don’t understand what is the problem?
Can anyone give me a solution?


@belayet91 You cannot always remain on top. Anayway, maybe you should consider revisting your gig and updating some new content to it. May be that will take your gig back to where it was.


Thank you so much. But I notice some sellers gigs are always on top.

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Your file conversion gig: You have ‘PDF <-> Excel’ on the image list twice.


ya, I notice it. Thanks :thinking:

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@belayet91 try to perform good and compare to other seller… Gig ranking is not hand to fiver it’s fully care by there algorithm… Do not worry if you perform good and always try to active on fiver form continue send buyer request and some gig marketing also.carry on this i hope you can get your gig rank again…


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions. :neutral_face:

What did you do to promote yourself? You can’t just sit and wait…

  • Maybe your gigs are not as unique/appealing as other offers?
  • Maybe your texts are not consistently the right keywords?
  • Is your service replaceable, overpriced or not known?

I can make the list longer and repeat it, but try to figure this out for yourself if you already tried this. You will see it will give more insight for your personal growth.

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Thanks, I hope these tips can help me to grow me on Fiverr. :blush:

Hi, I am also facing same issue, but everyone discuss different point of view but no one know exect algorithm of fiverr

By the mercy of God I hope you get back to page 1

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