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Suddenly My gigs get down in Search Results

I’m a level 2 seller.
My gigs always appear first in search results.
All states of mine are 100% :ok_hand:
But suddenly my gig down on search results :slightly_frowning_face:, When I search for my keywords then I found my gigs bottom of the search result page.
Any suggestions please? :worried:
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s ridiculous. Are you sick!!!

ha ha :joy: You just kidding. Im new for fiver and Im tried to help you.

maybe you are sike :innocent::rofl:

That’s not a help.
2 Fiverr account with the same service is against Fiverr Terms of service.
And your English is Legendary :rofl:

Ha ha haa :joy::joy: i know it dude. I said another device or tell your friend to check out it :sweat_smile:

Oh, Sorry buddy.
I can’t understand your English properly.
BTW, I searched my gig from another Fiverr but the result was same.

seriously im sad about you, you are sike and crying about search results :joy: Look at me man. I have not any order yet :rofl: see ? Im not crying :metal: