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Suddenly my sales declined

Hello great Fiverr Community, I am suffering from sales declined I have joined fiverr since January 2016 after getting Level 2 seller i feel that my
gigs are wiped out form fiverr search engine.

even no sales form buyer request portion although i daily offer my service out there… :slight_smile: I’m currently earning $15 to $20 per MONTH. I have no idea what’s happen there is no negative review or comments.

So what is your experience now a days? and how to overcome from this situation? any idea???

Hi there!

This seems to be a large issue that a lot of people are struggling with. From what I’ve gathered, at least there is a bug that prevents your gig from being ranked properly sometimes after updating it. It should disappear completely for a while, and then be ranked wrongly afterwards. Further updates to the gig does not seem to correct it.

If you haven’t updated the gig before you noticed a drop, then I have no clue what could be the cause. Although support does say that placements change from time to time and that a worse placement is not permanent.

Although as you don’t have a ton of reviews yet, you need to mainly rely on the recommended/relevant gigs part and also need to do a lot of self promotion to grow your gigs more!

Yeh that is true, i have recently edit my gig descriptions and keywords as well, but i did this many time before this situation but sales not declined like this time.

little bit frustrated and look we cannot relay only on fiverr.

Your prices are way too high. You’re charing $25 for “format and design your ebook, brochures and catalogue.”

Look at what other people are charging. I’m TRS, and all my gigs start at $5. When I make $50 is because people order a lot of gig extras.