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Suddenly my sales dropped

I know this is christmas and new year time! But I can understand that I get low orders! But when compared with last 2 years, this is very worse! I did not received any orders in the past 15 days! I regret that I should not left my office work by trusting fiverr!

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Mate…I am facing same issue from last week…Not getting any new messages. Even if i got some. they are almost here only for Talking not buying.

as it is Christmas and New Year…and Impressive thing is corona is here…This is the impact everyone was talking about. After The corona situation.

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Definitely. It’s so important we consider what our clientele is going through and how that may affect orders.

For me, marketing is seldom never ordered at the end of the quarter and year. Thet, coupled with COVID makes it a very quiet time. I anticipated that so I’m working on other things.


good to know that…i was felling…left alone