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Suddenly no SELLER is answering on my requests

hello no, it is NOT the problem many people seem to have in the last time, it is the oppositve. i try to find somebody to do tasks for me, but nobody responds. i even put the same jobs online on which i earlier got a LOT of answers, meaning, many people wanted to do this for me. Somehow now, on ALL jobs i put online nobody wants to work for me…i guess something is wrong now with my account??? or something else. thanks


What type jobs you are posting which are not being replied ?

I’m not saying that this is your case specifically, but if the request is completely unreasonable or is clearly against ToS, it can be ignored by people.

For instance, I was contacted once to do a postcard design, then print 600 copies myself and physically ship them to the buyer (covering both fiverr fee, printing and shipping costs myself) for $25 total. I didn’t answer because I honestly didn’t know what to say.


This morning I was asked to use 2 x $80 stock video clips (which I would have to pay for) in a $60 video which the buyer needs ASAP. I wasn’t even getting into this discussion so I just reported and blocked the buyer.

It would likely help if you could provide some details. Specifically, what you are looking for and what your budget is.

As it stands, most sellers don’t use Buyer Requests because it is simply not worth it financially. If you do not want to share details concerning what you need and what your budget is, search for sellers via the Fiverr search. Contact any who seem like they might be able to help and ask if they would be happy to take on your project. If they refuse, politely ask why not. This might give you some clue why your job postings aren’t garnering attention.


it was something technical …nothing big. But the interesting thing is that ON THE SAME POSTING/ REQUEST, earlier many people replied. now i need to have this done again and nobody is applying.

Keep on mind that when you post a request, sellers won’t see it instantly. Depending on the request it might take hours for Fiverr to review it before revealing it to sellers.

However, if you haven’t received ant offers for 24h then tell us about your request. It could be that what was once allowed is not anymore.

Altough I think that’s not the case because there are plenty of sellers that bid on anything.

That’s unusual !! Did Fiverr Stuff team reviewed your Job post and it’s Published?
Did you post it with the correct category?