Suddenly Not getting order


Hello, my dear friends. How all are you doing? I am Imrul a level 2 seller on fiverr. A few day ago when fiverr update their site my delivery on time got down 95% to 87%, response rate 100% to 87% and order complete rate 100% to 95%. After this change, my gig is down now I am not getting any new order from new buyers. So you as can guess I am in trouble. My request to the expert, please give me some useful suggestions to overcome this issue. Thanks in advance.


I’m not an expert by the way but i think its a temporary phase that you are not receiving sales infact i face this issue every month, There are a lot of sellers promoting their gigs and one of the reason this could be that their gigs are performing better than yours. Being level 2 seller you should be patient about sales and check the statistics if you find something not right you can contact customer support. You have only one gig that could be the reason as well people here on fiverr these days providing different kind of services.


Thank you for your reply. I will create some more gig. Thanks for noticed that.