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Suddenly Order Cancellations

Yesterday, i have got an order with one day duration, buyer gave me some necessary elements for the design, i completed design and sent to buyer by SMS, but he din’t make any comments and in last hour when i am ready to give delivery this order then he saying i will cancel the order to avoid you get a bad rating. I will design my labels myself because it’s quite simple I don’t need a graphic designer to do it, but I will get back to you when it’s finished to design the mockups.

i am very disappointed to read buyer comments, than i requested to Fiverr support for cancel the order,


Please work on your communication skills. There are alot of grammatical mistakes.

You not only broke the ToS. You enabled him to scam you. And that’s what he did.

Fiverr can’t help you if you use another platform to deliver work.

Don’t break the rules and then you won’t have this problem. Why did you break the ToS?

I don’t understand why sellers agree to the ToS if they haven’t read them and don’t understand them.


What do you mean you sent the design by SMS? This is outside of Fiverr. You could get an account warning or permanently banned for doing this.

A buyer who says they will “cancel the order to prevent you from getting a bad rating” is talking complete rubbish.

Firstly, they have already received your work. You should fight the cancellation.

Secondly, a cancellation will affect your stats. The Fiverr algorithm will no doubt now perceive you to be a less reliable seller.

Thirdly, you could interpret the buyer’s comment as a threat. In other words “accept the cancellation otherwise I will leave negative feedback”.

Fourthly, it’s not your problem that the buyer changed their mind. It is the buyer’s fault. Or, as a I suspect is the case, they simply wanted free work from the beginning.

Why did you request Fiverr CS to cancel the order? Apart from handling this terribly, you’ve done nothing wrong - according to what you’ve written here. You are giving the scam buyer free work and punishing yourself.


I send with Water mark and low-res file at inbox

this is not outside of fiverr, i send as a sample design at inbox

Okay, but that’s not what SMS means.


You just said you sent it by SMS, which is a mobile phone text. Why did you say that?

And also submitting it via the inbox does not protect you either.