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Suddenly Rank Down My All Gig

I’m in Fiverr almost 1 year. At this time I’m a Level One seller on Fiverr. Right now my Fiverr profile 8 Gigs active And all are above 4k impression and every one Are 90 click. Daily received 3-5 Orders. I’ve been noticing the previous 2 months. Rank down on my all Gig. Last 2 months I face this problem. I haven’t received any orders in the last 2 months. Please visit my Profile and give me some Tips. :disappointed_relieved:


This is what happens after getting the level, but don’t worry it will rank again. You take a buyer request or order from a previous buyer. Then it will start coming to rank.


Check this out


Gig rankings are constantly rotating and there’s no way to guarantee a top spot. As of now, nobody on the Forum knows the algorithm that Fiverr uses to rank gigs. There’s some theories such as amount of orders completed, order stats, etc.

Thanks for sharing Tips…!

thanks for your sharing