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Suddenly slowing down the knock in my gig

Hi Everyone!

When i do search my in Fiverr Analytics using three different keywords of my gig it shows rank in 1 or 2 pages. But for 5 days i did not get or knock for the 5 days.

How will i get oit from this.

Thanks Ena😇

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, Fiverr Help and Education Center in the second paragraph.

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Hi Ena

To start with, stop using the word “knock”. It does not read the way you think it does. In English slang, “knock” means to disrespect or even to do the happy fun time thing.

This means that it is easy to decode your broken English as:

I am not getting as much :kiss: :bone: :boom: :open_mouth: as I used to

While somewhat amusing, this is not a wise way to communicate seeing it is a completely different message from what you think you are typing.

Secondly get out of Analytics and Stats. They cannot create Sales for you. It is people, those annoying, messy things who drift about drinking coffee and McDonalds think shakes, who you need to be appealing to. And by appealing to I do not mean begging from.

The third thing here is that it seems that in the last few years everyone who can find the power button on any sort of electronic device claims to be the greatest expert. They have all rushed onto places like Fiverr making Gigs that clog up the doorway just as if 50 Sumo Wrestlers were to try to get in a small lift at once. Worse, most of those people do everything they can to make the most generic gig they can: to look as much as possible like everyone else.

Sidestep: If all women looked as lovely as @imagination7413 we may think that was a great strategy as we could pick any of them to marry and we’d have done well. It is not so as we know some women are great to talk to and live with, some not so much, some we’d rather die than go home for burned hot water and a tongue as sharp as a rusty razor. My point in this is that your gig needs to show who you are as a person and a businessman. Putting up pretty pics that look like everyone else’s pretty pics will not get anyone to want to marry you (because that is what a job is).

Your gig needs to really show what you have done. How you are different. Show us what a great choice you are not from Stock Images, how many years you have loved computers, and Lists of Technologies but from your work. Work that needs to relate to the very buyer you want to serve.


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