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Suddenly stoped getting orders

Hello Support team,
I am not getting orders and contacts from last week not sure what happened. 7 days gone without work and no new contacts or orders. Opps, please have a look and fix it asap.

My gig published here

Thank you,
Pankaj Verma

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Posting this kind of thread again and again…Don’t help u. :smile: Better you should work on your gig promotion at other platform or do some research :smile:

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There is a lot of Thread about this top and a lot of replay so i will suggest you to search for such topic and read each one so you will get a lot of inspiration, …

and second update your gig and make some changes in your gig title as well change the tags, because Fiverr update their search algorithm so i think we must update it accordingly,

Explore twitter to start looking for buyers for your gigs

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