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Suddenly stopped getting orders for some reason

Hello! I am a level 1 seller with 5* rating I accomplished all the requirements for level 2 and I am waiting for the next evaluation! I suddenly stopped getting orders. I tried changing the tags, description images and videos on my gig but I don’t get any orders even when I did all that. Does anyone know what’s the catch? Is it me or fiverr is boosting new sellers or something? Thank you!


Have you tried taking the time to market and promote your gigs – on your own – to your target customers, wherever they may be located? It is never wise to expect the Fiverr season system to be your only source of orders.


I promote my gigs on social media daily. Im sharing my gigs on groups where people are interested in my niche. So yes I tried everything I guess. :confused:

Posting links on other sites in the hopes of someone seeing them and maybe being interested, isn’t marketing. Marketing requires the seller to make a connection with potential buyers, and providing them a solution to their problems. Posting random links is not offer of a solution.

Who are your customers, where are they located, and how can you SHOW them that you are the person who can solve their needs? That is how you connect to interested buyers, and encourage them to hire you. Posting links, and then waiting for a response doesn’t do that.


Thank you for your reply!

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Hi! I just started getting orders again. One order came and the other orders just followed and that’s it. I just shared my gig on social media.

Okay…Thanks for sharing your experience.