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SudSales Drought-- Has Fiverr Changed Something!

Hi Fiverrs

Level 2 seller here from 2019.
What’s going on? my gigs have
dropped off the face of the Earth.
And no sales in a month :flushed: longest drought ever.
Have they changed the algorithm again?


Have you read this thread yet? Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!


Hi, @steve_maxell. :wave:t2: Long time no see! :eyes:

The link @imagination7413 shared has a ling read, but it is well worth it. I learned much from it and the loooong discussion that followed. So, take time and read it. :blush:


H Ii will,what are long-term sellers doing to help get back on top.

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Did you read Frank’s post? Their are some ideas in there.

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I just got a large organic order today :thinking:
Maybe the Forum G-d’s are more important than we know.


Best of Luck. I hope You next time get Much more order

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Nearly everyone seems to have been performing badly since mid-April, and I just started getting orders again right now too. I’ll tell you what that sales slump was:

  • “Fiverr 3.0”
  • Spring Break
  • Short vacations due to ease of lockdown regulations worldwide
  • Easter
  • Ramadan
  • Fiscal year cycling

And a lot more. Many weren’t on Fiverr. The month-lasting requests also went down by 40% in my categories, from 1000 to 600, to testify.


Probably. I used to make upper 5 figures a year on this site. Last year, in the lower 4. It’s unfortunate that Fiverr won’t support their high-income earners. They keep on taking on scammers and people who don’t know what they’re doing, while their loyal sellers are pushed to the bottom.


Like any business Fiverr chooses the solution that makes them the most money. For them, “high-income earners” are probably not the most profitable.

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Maybe so. The onslaught of low income earners may be out selling the fewer high-income earners.

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