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Sue Fiverr and Customer for Exploiting Policies

I had an order with a person who had been provided with all Samples and working scenarios. When he was satisfied, He ordered my gig and sent me a document for that. When the work was done, he mentions that the previous document was only for sample.S he wont pay for that rather wanted a new document edited. Once it was also done, and he was satisfied with the order and mentions in the Order Chat, He raises a complaint against me about privacy concerns after receiving all the stuff and its ownership and gets my order cancelled by Customer Support after a day of automatic order completion.

Now the customer support is not handling the situation properly and is not providing me a genuine response for the cancellation. I have presented every proof that the work was delivered as it was intended. But still, “FIVERR BEING A CUSTOMER FRIENDLY WEBSITE, NOT A SELLER FRIENDLY PLACE.”

I want to raise a complaint against Fiverr and its policies as they are manipulating the policies just to cater their customers and are playing with the sellers. They don’t even consider the time and quality of work.


I’m sorry that happened to you! We are not in a position to judge what happened in your case. My experience has been very good in this regard but as I said each case is different.


Do you want the details, I can add everything, clear and transparent as I gave them. BUT their shitty Service.
If you just want a summary what just happeded,Order cancelled by customers support
or can search for “Order cancelled by customers support”

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We are sorry this happened to you.
You don’t need to include links to other topics as each case is unique and we see it’s happening all the time.

What message did you receive with cancellation? Was it “buyer cancelled the order” or “order cancelled by customer support”? Because those 2 are completely different scenarios. Did you ask CS for the reason of cancellation?
Can you post here a screenshot of their reply?
The main thing is to remain calm and still professional with your communication with CS


This is the true problem here and not how CS handled your ticket.

You gave your buyer ample room to take advantage of you. You did 2x the work for the price of a regular project. You oversold your service initially which told the buyer how much you wanted this sale.

So everything else is pretty much text book from a buyer who knew what they were doing.

Stop overselling yourselves and your services.

Buyers sense that and one of two things will happen: if they are legit they will walk away. If they are looking for someone to take advantage of, they will take you for a ride.

Consider this a much needed lesson instead of fantasizing about taking Fiverr to court.


I’m sorry to read about what happened to your order. There are good buyers on fiverr too. Don’t loose hope and keep on trying.

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This means you showed how eager and desperate you were by doing a free sample. As Frank said, any real buyer would leave.
Real buyers do not want to buy from such an over eager seller.
Do not do free samples.


yes, you can go to the court and file case against, if you have proof and you wanted to fight back!!! Or just sit with ur situation. forum members can’t help on this!!

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How would having you edit a document cause the order to be cancelled due to privacy concerns?


Well, do you want to tell him about all other implications and difficulties?
First of all it will be international law because fiverr based in the US and Israel, it will cost a lot of money and most likely he is not going to get anything out of that


You can abuse sellers very easily, it turns out. Someone posted here the response from support regarding a similar situation, and they said “We can’t force a buyer to accept an order”, which means if the buyer wants a refund for any reason, support will force cancel it without your permission, and they will not even give a reason for it, unless you make a ticket and ask.

But I hope buyers that do that often get investigated.


My order was cancelled by CS. The reason mentioned was privacy issue.
The buyer was well aware of the security permissions that are requested from Google when a Google Script is used.

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But why do Fiverr have a CS then when they cant help sellers. Why they shit around by posting messages? Why is the CC request option in Help and Support Section?

If a firm has policies, they should abide with them.

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Penal seller is easy because sellers do not raise their voice and they have fear to that platform highness But If any platform do penal buyers… Buyers will take that platform in court easily.!!

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When a Google Script is used for a document, Google asks for certain permissions. Those are causing that naive buyer privacy concerns.

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If your replies here are anything to go by, I don’t think CS would help you anymore than they did.

Remember: CS is not responsible for how poorly you handled the order, and Fiverr gives no guarantees that they will back you up every time you screw up.

They are there to offer support but they can’t intervene when the actual sale and your facilitating were poor.


If you didn’t address those early on by educating your client, you once again did a poor job.


I hope you know the definition of the term “Order”.

Did you previously worked for the buyer in the “Inbox”? That means you created your own working policy.

He has every right to exploit you when you yourself don’t follow the working policy set by Fiverr.

He is smarter than you. When you opens up yourself and doesn’t go by the rules, this is a common thing to experience.

Who has really created this situation? I don’t think Fiverr has anything to do in this sort of situation. The gigs are already so economical (cheap) starting from just $5 and then there are sellers who even waives off this basic price by providing the work for “FREE” by sending samples of the work (I am guessing!) prior to ordering. WOW!! (It’s like invite yourself to the exploiters)

Where will you raise? I see you are from INDIA. You can’t do anything. I hope you are aware about the Labour laws of India.

Anyways, Please don’t provide FREE samples of work. (My personal advise to you).


What on Earth! You are not to decide whether a reply is useless or not and you are not to decide when a member replies or not, according to your liking! Neither can you force or ask anyone to stay off the forum just because they state the obvious! I am sorry for what you put YOURSELF through because of misjudging the situation, if you’ve got enough $$$ hire a good lawyer and good luck to you!


No that’s not what it means. It does not mean the buyer gets anything he wants for free. Customer support has not behaved this way at all.

Whether the buyer “accepts” it or not he still has to pay for it.

I had one buyer refuse to accept one of my jobs I did and he had to pay for it and customer support agreed with me. And he did pay for it.

The only reasons for the buyer getting his money back is if you cave in and agree to cancel an order, or if you didn’t do some part of it or all of it like your description said you would, or it wasn’t on time possibly.

And that includes Paypal chargebacks too. If that happens and you show you did the work as promised, CS will give your money back to you.

I don’t know what happened in this case and there is no way we can judge it. If a buyer has to give personal information as part of a gig he ordered and wasn’t told this it seems to me that’s a good reason for a refund but again, I don’t know the details here. So as far as this particular case goes I remain neutral.