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Suffering Buyer request's PROBLEMS


When i get a Buyer request at first i read carefully after that I create a Cover latter depend on That buyer request, after completing the cover later i refresh for sending the buyer request i can see the buyer request is invisible -_- how can i solve this issu?
should i send common buyer request?
help me out guys



Hi @imraan_zaack,

Do not refresh, just send your offer. :wink:

Buyer Requests (BR) only stays on view little time for new/unleved sellers, normally until 10 to 14 sellers have sent their offers so, once you get to see a BR you’re interested on, don’t refresh the page and send your offer.


well, i open the buyer request and type the cover latter after that i will send the request without refreshing but is it really reach to him/her if he/she close the request before i submit?? :smiley:


Well, if the buyer closes the request, it means he/she found what was looking for so then, there’s nothing anyone can do. Normally this doesn’t happen and BR only gets out of sight after the conditions I told you.

Either way, the best is for you to write down your offer as quick, clearly and personalized as possible.