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Suffering from Buyers and fiverrs system failour

I am working on fiverr for more than 6 months. From the beginning I was working hard for my next evaluation to becaome level 1 seller. On that journey i got many shokcs but the last one was very bad.

One buyer (He is also an seller) submitted an order to my gig very happily, but unfortunately fiverr customer care disable his account and for that disable, my order was cancelled. Okay as the order is cancelled it doesnt matter to me but what matters is the order completion rate reduced to bellow 90% for that cancellation and i dont have 1% fault on this issue.
Same thing happesn to me before but on that time i did not care about it but this time I care because my next evaluation is knocking at the door and i was going to be promoted on the next level. For their Mistake I think this time its is not possible. I contacted with Customer support and they agree with me that it is not my fault and they can’t do anything regarding this issue as it is automated.
How will i solve that issue? As it is fiver’s problem so they sould solve it, and if I am not promoted next month for their fault then i will take legal action against them.


Legal action?

Trust me that is not going to take you anywhere, no matter how hard you try they are too big to be affected by you.

There are hundreds of sellers who are facing such issues on daily basis and ranting on forum but nothing is happening and may not happen in future, I used to earn $500-700 each month but since this new evaluation system came up I have barely made equal amount in entire year.

Trust me your issue is very small compared to other people, some have lost their funds, some have lost their ranking, some got warning, some lost their account and some got demoted.

So now it’s your choice, either you can leave Fiverr for other platform or you can work here as their TOS.

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But they agree that its not my fault then why will i suffer for the crime which i did not commit?

You don’t have to worry about this, either promote your gigs to get sales so your account metrics can increase or just wait. Still 90% rating is good to be promoted to the next level 2

Also, I doubt suing Fiverr will encourage them to promote you on their platform.


So… You’re going to hire a lawyer (if there’s any who would want to work on such a case), file a lawsuit against a company headquartered in Israel, spend tons of money because the whole thing involves international law, all in hopes of getting what? A level that doesn’t guarantee anything? A badge on your profile?


Interesting of you to mention that! I was all the time convinced that this is an american company …
Maybe also because there was no way to find any (!) place on the site where they say who they actually are (if this were an EU company such information would simply be compulsory).

There’s Wikipedia…

And there’s also Fiverr itself, listing their headquarters (scroll down a little bit):

The information is very easy to find, and isn’t a secret at all.


:roll_eyes: How many times have I read that on this forum.


They never follow through. It’s just their frustration talking. Most of the people who make that kind of claim on the forums don’t have any idea how the legal system actually works.


It’s making me laugh though. :smile:


HAHAHAHA!!! Good luck!

There is nothing that can be done because that is how Fiverr’s system has been for awhile.

Here’s my story…

I got an order from a new client, everything went through without any issues. They liked my work enough to offer me an 8 order project. They placed their 2nd order and everything went through without any issues. They placed their 3rd order and after doing so decided to try and change their credit card info. This flagged their account for some reason and Fiverr banned them and canceled the order. Sucks for me right!

They ended up making a new account and placing 5 more orders without any issues plus tips. My advice is don’t occupy your time with something that is out of your control. Get upset, get pissed, vent a little, then move on.


Thanks for that, but I really don’t think I should have to look into "Jobs " !!! or even worse, on Wikipedia to find that out. Now seriously, this type of information should be found in at least one of the following sections: contact, “about company”, terms of service or the like. And there’s nothing there, no matter how much you look after it …

how long project ending automatically & seller can get her payment from buyer site?