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Suffering from huge drop in sales



I’m suffering from huge drop in sales, although I’m a level 2 seller with 4.9 STARS by 483 BUYERS for my business card gig.

I only got 4 sales from Oct.

I like the new filtering system fiverr come up with, as it will help the buyer to find his best seller, but while I’m investigating I found that the only chance I got an order is the buyer know me by name, as I’m sorted way down behind many Sellers with low rating than me for the same business card gig.

Please walk though this test case with me:

From the page choose

Graphics & Design, Business Cards then check Level Two sellers form the left panel, and choose high rating from the top.

I expect in this stage that sellers are sorted in this page by there rating, as we all sell business card gig and level 2, so the only way to sort us is our rating.

But you will find that my gig is in the 31 row!!

I’m in the 31 row although I have 483 Reviews and 99% OVERALL RATING

In row 1 you will find ******* with 184 Reviews 98% OVERALL RATING

In row 2 we have ******** with 365 Reviews 97% OVERALL RATING

In row 2 we have ****** with 118 Reviews 99% OVERALL RATING

In row 2 we have ******* with 159 Reviews 96% OVERALL RATING

In row 3 we have ****** with 85 Reviews 99% OVERALL RATING

In row 3 we have ****** with 66 Reviews 100% OVERALL RATING

and so on, maybe this is not the way this arrange work, or maybe this is to encourage the new sellers, but for a seller like me to get 4 orders only in 2 months, from this most good gig, this so frustrating…

In the screen shot attached, all my gigs dropped dramatically, I even don’t have any impressions or clicks, so its impossible to get any sales.

I contacted support, but they give me a non-satisfied answer or really something to help me.

Any one experiencing the same thing? I appreciate any advice.