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Continuing the discussion from Im Newbie, Need Help to promote my gig: hello i just want you guys to tellme is my Gigi ok or not because i have got many clicks and many impressions but still no orders

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@fakhir_najeeb Greetings!!

This may help you. It is a good post. It will help new sellers alot


thx bro very much


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I am very happy to see your tips as a new seller. I have used the tips what you said here on my gig. but now waiting for your first order.

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@alam07841 Greetings!!

That was not my tips actually. I just pinned one which will be useful to every beginners in Fiverr. Anyway Thank you!! :smiley: :smiley:

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Hey @fakhir_najeeb,

I share your sentiments on this ordeal, but I want you to know you will overcome​:muscle::muscle::muscle:. Just don’t lose Faith.

You may want to take tests if you haven’t, and also make your gig descriptions and pricing more affordable. :ok_hand:

I wish you all the best✌

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