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Suggest Improvements Please!

It’s been 1 month I’m not getting enough orders and impressions.
Experts Please Check my GiGs and tell me if any improvement is required.

Thank You!


To begin with, the link you provided doesn’t work.

Anyway, I did find your profile.

I looked at one of your video editing Gigs.

I looks fine.

I think you can charge more than $5 for “up to 60 minutes” because that sounds cheap to me.

You know, what kind of quality am I going to get for a $5 video editing job?

That is what some Buyers are going to think (I know I did) and they will go on.

Otherwise, I think you need to remember that there are thousands of other freelancers here offering the same services as you.

That’s a lot of competition.

You have to try to stand out.


Well I understand but, based on location people are a bit more conscious about money where $ is more expensive like in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh and other asian countries they always want to pay less amount as compared to US and EU buyers. You may also have experienced in Buyers Request.

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That’s why I NEVER use the BRs.

I’m not desperate for the work.

I still think you can get away with increasing your rates a little.

But that is my opinion and you did ask for it.


There are 2 gigs called “I will edit video for business, education, cooking, music, podcast”. Gig duplicates aren’t allowed.

Don’t add URLs that aren’t in the allowed list.
Some text in the video thumbnails gets cropped on the profile (Fiverr zooms/crops it a bit)- maybe reposition the text so it doesn’t.