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Suggest me about my gig friends

Friends please tell me that when I put my gig’s link in fiverr foarm then some people do flag then it will be automatically done hidden.

What is solution for this?

My purpose is that my gig’s improve and rank so please suggest me.

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I believe your gig is being flagged because you are using an image that does not belong
to you. Why do you have a level 2 seller badge on your image?

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Level of a seller is based on some pre-defined protocols and this determines how much efficient that seller has been in their previous assignments. This is not something to fake as a buyer can easily determine this looking at your profile.

That being said, try to make your gig more relevant and add relevant images only, this will make your gig a lot more meaningful. Buyers always needs a level of trust and you should never fake.

Always be aware that creating a good reputation takes time, but your good reputation can be damaged even with a simplest of mistake. All the best!

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Only post your gig link in the categories in which it’s allowed. These are:
My Fiverr Gigs and
Improve My Gig.

No flags there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Friends thanks alot I understand more things from you

In addition to what @smiler3d explained here are the rules:Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's for future reference.


Bro plz tell me rules of fiverr