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Suggest me what i am to do to get my first order

Hi, I am a new seller, Please help me to get my first can i promote my gig? I don’t know how to promote.


Hi @israel234, share your gig in social media and stay online atleast 8-10 hours in a day.

Share your gig on social media and you have to online minimum 16-17 hours

Evening, actually in the course of staying on line 8 hours can i use mobile

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Yes you can @israel234

Alright thank you so much am grateful for this tip

ok thank you sir for your time.

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You are most welcome @israel234

I will be glad to know if i could be of help to you, because you have rendered me a good help

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@israel234 its my plessure.

sir if you would not how long have you been on fiverr

Few tip…
First share your gig on social media every day
Sharing the on social media with new attractive image and unique description and then share it Google Plus, Facebook Group and Twitter ,
Do not use one image when you are sharing, because you will get spamming and get band so always share with unique image and description,


check this it will helps to started …

Thanks :blush: so much for your time