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Suggest my mistakes


Hello everyone!
I am new here,
I am expert in my field but i dont have experience for professional gigs!
Its my request to all off you that see my latest gig and please rate me and tell my mistakes!
I will be very thank full to you. :blush::blush:


Hi,with my experience so far on Fiverr i think you don’t need anyone to rate your gig, what you want is more view and impressions on your gig that’s all. Since you are a professional in your field i see no reasons why you cant create sentences that will convinced buyer that you are capable enough to handle their project. Creating a gig you have to imagine yourself being the buyer,ask yourself if am to see a gig like this can i trust the seller with my project.Write questions and answer does question (FAQ).


Agree with given feedback above - write from buyers perspective - keep an eye on click/view rate & add/change/develop content.