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I have join fiverr more than one month but can not make any sell here. Here is my gig. Just check it and suggest me.If you think it’s need change anything for get selling then comment here. Thank You


You have no samples…just one main photo for each gig. If you have been a professional with lots of experience I would expect to see a few samples of websites you have built or mailchimp campaigns, let people see some screenshots of your work at hte very least.

Also, be careful in mailchimp when offering to upload someone’s list for them. Make it clear that they need to upload the list and that they have permission to do so. In fact many people have problems uploading lists into Mailchimp. I set up a whole mailchimp account, designed a campaign, uploaded my list and Mailchimp would not allow any emails to be sent out. I got error messages that there were spam issues with my list, even though my list was legit. I know other people who got their mailchimp accounts banned because of uploading no good lists. They really like you to collect all email addresses from their sign-up format they give you and/or use different “list cleaners” to verify your list is good.


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Reply to @sincere18: Thanks a lot . would you kindly say little bit more about my psd to html converting gig !!


Reply to @asadullah72: I’m not sure what to say about that gig. I suppose I would suggest that somewhere in the gig description that you actually add in a line that is not so technical like…I will take your Photoshop file and make it into a website…just saying PSD to HTML5, is fine as I am sure many people know that when they are looking but it’s possible there are some other people that may not know.

Are those other 2 photos the only samples of websites you have? I would maybe consider changing one to a closer up section of it. Right now you are showing the full page but then it’s a kind of small sample…here is a sample of what I mean by that:

See how the web page sample is larger and fills up the whole photo.


Reply to @sincere18: Thanks once again, I will edit this gig as you suggest.


Reply to @asadullah72: You are welcome.

Take some time to do research first and read many other gigs that are similar to get ideas before you edit the gig.