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Suggest to me what is needed to enhanced

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate some feedback.

I’m a freelance transcriber and virtual assistant, just debuted on Fiverr. I’ve recently been trying to drum up more leads for my business.

I’ve just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since nothing is really happening I was hoping I could get some feedback from the community.

Here’s the gig: I Will Manually Translate 1000 Words To English Or French In 24hrs

Any ideas why it’s not converting? Any help is appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Duplicating topics is against forum rules.


Oh sorry about that, just needed a few reviews on my gig(s) to get me started and active on Fiverr. I’m a new seller and I would appreciate any helpful suggestions for improvement. Merci…