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Suggested gigs for promoting an online poetry writing class?


Does anyone have ideas for good gigs to buy to promote an online poetry writing class I’m planning to teach this spring? It’s an independent class that I’m offering, so it’s all up to me to promote it. There are lots of gigs for tweeting links, etc, but I feel like this is sort of a specific niche.

If you have a gig or know of a gig that could help me reach people who might be interested in taking an online class to learn about writing poetry, please let me know! :slight_smile:


A few examples – Press release. Submission of the release. Commenting on blogs in the writer’s niche. Have them set up a Twitter account with automatic daily posting. Set up a Facebook fan page for it…etc.

Have you thought about starting a Fiverr gig offering poetry training? Just wondering. Is there a certain style of poetry that you prefer?


Thanks for your reply! I did have a gig for feedback on poetry or other creative writing, but it never seemed to get any hits, so I decided to scrap it and maybe do something else along that line later on.

I have a particular interest in found poetry, which is poetry that is kind of like collage, where you incorporate elements from other texts.

I have been promoting the class by getting friends to share it via email and on Facebook, and I have reached out to some blogs as well. I also have tweeted the link. Oh, and I have been updating my personal blog more regularly, too, which is helping.

I just wasn’t sure if anyone on fiverr had a gig that they thought might be particularly helpful in promoting my class given the poetry niche–or if folks had ideas on getting the word out about online classes. The nice thing is that the market for the class is potentially huge, since people could take the class from anywhere they have an internet connection, but it’s just reading that portion of the market where I find people who want an online poetry writing class!