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Suggesting other sellers for buyers (TOS question)


When I’m too busy to take a project on, buyers sometimes ask for specific recommendations of other sellers.

In that case, I link to whatever Level 2/TRS seller shows as “online” and highly rated (along with the note “I haven’t worked with them personally…”).

Now I’m just wondering, am I allowed to point a buyer in the direction of a specific seller? Is Fiverr going to see it as suspicious or unfair?


I don’t see any wrong doing with pointing them to a specific seller.

In fact I recall reading in the blog something along those lines.

That’s my take.[quote=“Woofy31, post:4, topic:146378”]
better to ask CS :smiley:


Awesome! I just wanted to be sure :slight_smile: I know Fiverr is pretty tough on sellers when they think multiple accounts/personal friends could be coming into the mix.


About 5 or 6 years ago I remember recommending another seller to one of my buyers, and I know that the message didn’t go through and CS said something about my message being flagged since it contained another Fiverr URL, something along the lines of promotion (can’t remember exactly, it was too long ago) - maybe they’ve loosen up the rules? better to ask CS :smiley:


Good idea…It just seems that CS (depending on the rep you talk to) either gives a vague canned response or their own opinion :smile:

I think I’ll just start telling buyers which category/keyword to look at to be safe.


I always tell my buyers that I’m not familiar with the other sellers, and give them specific keywords to use in Fiverr’s search field :wink:


In a hypothetical scenario, what would you do in case the buyer does not have a good experience with your recommended seller? Won’t it undermine your value as a seller for that buyer?


I commend people I have used before or people I have seen are knowledgeable on the Forum.
If I am turning down a buyer because I may have seen a red flag, I send them to @fonthaunt


I do frequently refer people to other sellers if I really think it will help them, and I tell them I can state what I know because I know the seller or have used them myself, but can’t guarantee what their experience will be. I don’t give them links because Fiverr seems to flag for almost any link in an inbox message, on or off Fiverr. I just give them the username in most cases. So far no one has ever come back to me to say that something went wrong. I have had some come back to me and complain that the other person is too expensive, but I don’t really worry about that. :slight_smile:

Fiverr hasn’t ever flagged me or asked me not to do referrals as long as I don’t give a link. If the buyer seems exceptionally difficult, I do spell it out and tell them to put in the fiverr URL followed by a / and then eoinfinnegan, but that’s special for the ones that I really find problematic.


Thanks, that’s helpful.