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Suggesting This...AGAIN

Why does my gig get dinged every time a lazy student places an order without my permission that is against the TOS? This has happened to me many times before.

FYI: It’s useless to make an FAQ that says “I won’t do your coursework.” … They won’t read it!

Yet again, a student is asking me to do their coursework. Every couple weeks, a student will place an order for my writing gig and send me all their instructions and deadlines expecting me to do their work for them.

I know this is not allowed and, as always, I went to the resolution center, opened a cancellation request, and told them:

“Hi there! Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to complete academic work on a student’s behalf.”

One cancellation option in the list should be, “Order Against Terms of Service”.

This option will:

  1. Cancel the order.
  2. Mark it for review.
  3. Not count against the seller if it’s found the order really is against the TOS.

Is it Friday yet? :expressionless:


You can always threaten to tell their parents :slight_smile:



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I think this belongs in the Fiverr Site Suggestion Category. It’s an excellent idea you have.


Worst idea. Will they give their parent’s contact numbers to us? LOL! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: This might end up with an one star review. So the best solution is to cancel the order.


I think there should be some types of cancellations which should not effect sellers at all bacause in many cases sellers are totally right.


I agree with you.
Some times orders are placed without sellers consent or against TOS
Still they affect seller ranking.
Mutual cancellation should not affect seller rating, something must be done for this

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There is an option that says something like the buyer ordered work which is not included in this gig.


It’s worse than useless, since having that there will get your Gig removed for violating the unwritten rule by the automated algorithm.

Also, it is not against the ToS. I read it thoroughly, multiple times when people were having their Gigs deleted over the summer for allegedly doing people’s homework (all of them claimed not to have done this and I believe them). Nowhere is it stated that this is not allowed. We’d have no way of knowing it was against the rules had people not come to forum to rant about their Gigs being deleted.

Sorry to hijack, but I’m getting frustrated with posters on this forum who seem to hang around only to post “READ THE ToS!” over and over when they don’t seem to have read it themselves. Very little is expressly forbidden.

The only reason I survived “the purge” was because a week before it happened, I posted a rant about the number of brats trying to hire me to do their homework and someone suggested I remove the word “essays” from my description.

That said, had I also added, “I WILL NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK,” like I wanted to, I probably would’ve been purged for that.

While I agree with you 100 per cent, I don’t know how much good it does if the order does not technically violate the ToS, anyway. I’ve been there and agree with the frustration. Had one brat sneak in an order and then actually refuse to cancel. That was a fun morning.


Here here! It’s something that I think should be pushed for strongly.

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i was joking :smile:

That’s always the option I choose but, even as a mutual cancellation, it still counts against a gig’s stats.

I’ve looked and I can’t find exact wordings either. They probably say it falls under “violation of third party’s terms of service” since it goes against the Honor Code of schools. Nonetheless, I don’t want to chance it since there have been countless sellers that saw their gig paused or permanently deleted like the examples you gave.

This is the FAQ I had previously:
00 AM

Although I was as careful with the wording as I could be, I have since removed it because Fiverr’s automatic crawler would probably still pick up the words “students”, “academic”, or “review” (and then remove my gig for no valid reason).

I think it’d be handy if Fiverr put in a default FAQ (that their bots will ignore) for all writing gigs that explains to buyers what work sellers cannot complete, i.e., reviews, academic work, etc.

I used to deal with this headache all the time, and jacking up my rates has made it a nonissue. Students tend to have pretty low budgets — now I rarely hear from them!

Would you consider a $15 or $20 minimum for your gigs?


It’s a scary thing to raise your rates, but if done right it seems to have plenty of benefits for users. It weeds out the really low balling customers. And it provides a greater source of income as well!


I’ve long considered it, however, with Fiverr’s search always being unpredictable with gig updates, I haven’t gotten around to it yet :slight_smile:


I’ve had my share of people wanting me to do class assignments even though I say that is not what I offer - academic dishonesty really bothers me