Suggestion about orders


Hi, I’m new here can you please assist me because i’m neo one in this site.I’m here as a seller so give me some particular points for grabbing customers.
Thank you.


Research about creating a perfect GIG.


Are you able to guide me please?:innocent:


Hello @semab123 and welcome to Fiverr. :slight_smile:I will try to help you for start.
Create few GIGs for your skills… I saw that you know all about logo, so you can make separete GIGs for classic logo, vintage logo, 3D logo, etc…
When you create GIG and fill your descriptions trough profile, try to use few keywords… For oyu that could be logo, logo design, vintage logo, modern logo etc, you will check what is perfect for you.
Use the perfect words for TAG fields.
Go to buyer request option and send request every day, I think you have 10 cjance to find job. One thing, when you sending request try to find only request that you are able to work on it.
And when some buyer contact you, give them all, give more than you write in GIG, give them some gift after good work.
And many many many other things, this is just for begin. :slight_smile:
I hope so that could help you a little.
Wish you all the best and first buyer coming soon, don’t worry.
Best regards,


You have to be willing to do the work yourself. We’re not going to give you a step-by-step guide that will bring in millions of sales. We’ll point you in the right direction, but you’ve gotta be willing to do the hard work from there.


waoo thanks a lot @coolboby its really help me to get the first order.:blush:


You are welcome!
I m glad if some of these things help you for grow.
But, my words are just direction where you need to work, and strongest things is what you read from @jonbaas, you need to keep working more and more every day. :slight_smile:


yea absolutely, i agree “hard work is the key of success” and your directions really help me a lot.:slight_smile: