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Suggestion about taking weekends off, without losing orders



There is a suggestion that i want to share with the community, specially with sellers, and I am sure that every seller on fiverr will support that and want it to be implemented.

Here it is, I suggest that why not sellers have their weekends off while their GIGs stay live.

Well! I think that fiverr should give us the option in our profile to choose whether or not we want to work on weekends,if someone opt to work on weekends thing will go as normal as it is now. On the other hand if someone want to be free or have some other things to do on weekends, he/she should have the option choose not to work on weekends. You may say that this is not a problem, we can do this by suspending our gigs for couple of days. Yes we can do that but this will also remove your gigs from listings and it means that you will be nullifying any chance of getting orders in those days and I am sure that there is not a single seller that would want that. Suspending gigs is good only if you are leaving for a longer period of time.

So the solution for the problem is that, even when we declare in our profiles that we will not work on weekends our gigs stay live, and when we get order the timer should start on next working day. fiverr is like any other business and every business have a day or two off weekly, so why not on fiverr and most importantly without the fear of loosing business (Orders).

If during some odd weekend the sellers don’t have anything else to do and wants to complete some of his orders, he should have the option to initiate the work on those orders and mark them in progress so the timer for these orders start immediately and other stay there for week days.

The option of one day or two days weekend can also given as many countries have one day weekend like we have here in Pakistan.

Fiverr can make this feature conditional like may be adding it as a 2nd level feature, it will be a great addition.

I am a terrible writer, but i tried my best to present my point clearly, I hope all members get my point and support it and will suggest fiverr to implement this.

Thanks for taking out some time to read this.


Atif (W3WebSolutions)

Peace Be Upon You All!


I forgot to mention a point that, this feature will help a lot the sellers who have express GIGs.


Hey Atif, good points, but have mixed feelings about that. I like your ideas, but I do not see other websites offering this. I think a combination suspending a gig without removing it from listings could be a nice alternative.


Well! that’s the beauty of this feature that seller don’t have to suspend his/her GIGs, he just have declare that in his/her profile whether he/she want to work on weekends or not. So it will be predetermined and the buyer be aware of that before placing an order. fiverr can place some kind of marking on GIG to notify buyers.


Hi there.

I know a lot of people think that when you suspend a gig you loose your place in search. But it’s my experience that you don’t. Maybe I’m wrong, but I suspend my gigs all the time. One of my gigs is suspended more than it is active. (When I get busy I pause the gig to catch up).

My point? I’ve never lost my place in the search results.

So… I’m 90% sure that you don’t loose your place when you pause a gig. I could be wrong, but for me it’s never happened.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thanks for your reply.

The reason for my suggestion is not losing place in search results. It only to spend weekend peacefully without fear of losing orders. It happened to me couple of times that i had to cancel my weekend activities just to complete my express orders. If that feature were there i could have enjoyed my weekend without loosing express status of my gigs.



That’s a good question and I have the answer: has to make the gigs to deliver in 1 - … "business days"

That’s it. Simple. Just like the deliveries and so on.

What do you think?



I see the point. I wouldn’t want weekends off because my schedule is different, so I would suggest instead to be able to choose days you will not be working. The problem with the vacation mode is that you still receive messages (it’d be nice for an auto reply to let them know you’re on vacation so you can reply later), etc., but they can’t purchase your gigs. I would rather them still be able to have the option to purchase, but the time not start until you return.


Reply to @w3websolutions: Maybe during the weekends you could edit your gig and raise the price for your express orders, you will probably get less express that way and if you do get any, at least you’ll be compensated more for your time. Then when you come back, just change it back. :slight_smile:


Bear in mind too that you can alter your delivery time whenever you like. So on Friday, you can always go and adjust your gig and tack on two days to your delivery time if you need to, then switch it back when you get in on Monday.


I may be wrong, but didn’t the new “vacation mode” fix this issue? Your gig is not suspended, and it is present in the search when you activate this option.


We should be able to have weekends off… in my opinion… i spend the whole day, everyday, monday to sunday, working…

and it is because everyday i get new orders and everyday i have to deliver… so is impossible for me to take a free day, even if i wanted… i have always to deliver an order… Right now… fiverr is my current job… and i cannot complain… i love it

but… sometimes i miss having a weekend to spent out without having work to do!

Vacation mode doesn’t fix this problem because we only get 28 days… in that case… we should be able to have all the days that we want instead of 28 so we can use them on weekend… but even when we are in vacation mode… we need to deliver the orders we have scheduled… and it’s completely the same issue… you have to finish them… the clock doesn’t stop… and if you had 100 orders scheduled before you placed the vacation mode… you need to finish those 100 orders.