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Suggestion: Add a notification option for sellers when new buyer requests appear

Fiverr could add a notification option for sellers that could tell them when new buyer requests are available on the buyer requests page.There could be different options like how to notify you (whether on the site and/or via email) and the notification frequency. Maybe it could also allow the option to only notify you if the number of new requests were over a certain amount. It could also give the option to list the new requests.

This would especially help unleveled sellers so they wouldn’t need to look at the buyer request page as often. It would be especially helpful if the notification was quick enough so that the requests were still there when you go to the BR page :slight_smile:


Hi,i think there r 100 thousands sellers on it’s notta good idea.

What I want is they should update the behavior of the order page. when buyers leave a message in the order page, the app don’t give any sound notification. So I tell my buyers to leave messages in the inbox.

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But not every seller what set the option for these notifications. Fiverr could also limit the frequency of them etc.

Basically they could do it in a way that caused the least issues.

New requests are being added to the site probably every few hours, but the problem is that there are limits. If you’re not on level one then only X amount of newbies can bid on them and once the limit is exceeded it will disappear. So even if they notify you that there is a new request, it’s not very likely that you’ll beat the newbies who send out templates.

Once you get to Level 1 or 2 you will start seeing them more often.

But my suggestion may be a better way of potentially seeing buyer requests and more chance of getting orders that would allow a user to move up a level than by refreshing the BR page every 5 minutes continuously.

Well the thing is that if there’s a notification then those template senders will get them as well.
If you want to write a detailed offer then by the time you finished it, the buyer has received 10 templates and Fiverr will shut it down for newbies because that’s enough spam.

Letting you know that there’s a request and then taking it away while you’re still writing isn’t a good experience either

So I think before setting up notifications they should clean it up a first, but since buyers request section has always been an afterthought for Fiverr, they won’t probably change it.

That’s true. But at least it would stop a person even bothering to check the BR page when there aren’t any. This way it would at least only tell you when there were some available, even if you needed to be very quick to respond to one.

Or maybe it will be a CS ticket from a newbie telling “Here’s the notification, where’s the request.”
I don’t know. I’m not against this, but at the moment I’m not sure how much it would help.

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One thing I can say is that on level 0 I saw mabye 1-2 requests a day if any.
On level one I see 50+ per day and I’ve previously been on Level 2 where my category received 80+ per day.

Obviously these numbers will be different for you, but there’s a big difference in levels.

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There actually is one in Firefox . Set up your Buyers Request link in the bookmark toolbar. And a red dot appears when there are new ones. Only problem is it has not gone away after clearing out the requests

Thanks. But are you sure that works seeing as it would need to do some sort of auto-refresh of the page to determine if there are new ones, and autorefreshing isn’t allowed? How would it know there were new ones without reloading the page every so often?

Mnnn i tried refreshing it the dot stays there . Im sure it’s just a server side icon. Not sure what the red dots for