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Suggestion: Add option to show Buyer Requests in the most relevant order for the seller viewing them

The option to view Buyer Requests shows requests in categories/subcategories where you have a gig, and sorted by date, but apart from that, it isn’t sorted in any order that is relevant to the seller. It would help sellers if the buyer requests were sorted (while also taking date into account) in the most relevant order for the seller viewing them, ie. with the requests that the seller would be most likely to want to send an offer to appearing at the top of the list.

For this, it could:

  1. Compare the wording of the offers to the wording in past offers that the seller has sent offers to, especially ones were the buyer has accepted the offer and ordered from that seller, and given a high rating.
  2. It could take the wording and options selected in the seller’s gigs and profile into account.
  3. More info about the buyer request could be asked for and the seller could have a place to set up more info about what skills/apps they have etc. so they could be compared to the requirements of the gig. Eg. The buyer might require someone that speaks a particular language. If the Fiverr system can’t process the text of the request to determine this, an option could be added to the buyer request creation screen that allows the required spoken language of the seller to be specified, this could then be compared to the languages specified in the seller’s profile to enable better sorting/filtering of offers shown on the seller’s screen.

So basically more options could be available to those creating the buyer requests to better categorize/be specific about what the request is (which could be based on the category/subcategory the request is in) and more sorting/filtering options could be available on the seller’s side to sort/filter based on all the above specified info and/or the extra details about the request specified by the buyer.

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