Suggestion: Allow >21 Skills in the skills section


A Fiverr seller may have many skills. And a lot of the skills shown on a Fiverr profile may be ones added by the Fiverr Skills Tests and “verified” (with a tick icon). But this limits the amount of skills you can manually add.

If you have many skills, surely it should be possible to enter them in the skills section. Or at least the “verified” skills (that are automatically added when a Skills Test is passed if it isn’t already there) shouldn’t affect the number of skills you can manually enter.

Having more skills than the current limit (eg. the limit could be changed to around 30 or possibly 40) won’t be an issue since only up to about 4 are shown when a profile is originally loaded (ie. until “more” is selected), and Fiverr could also make it so that the list of skills can be scrolled.

Do you think the number of skills that can be entered should be increased from its current limit?

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  • No
  • Not sure
  • I don’t know
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Do you think the maximum number of manually added skills should not be affected by the number of automatically added skills from passing a Fiverr skills test?

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Is any buyer going to scroll through 30-40 skills?

Think of all the buyers who can’t be bothered to read the gig description, or even to read the title properly. Do you think that they’re going to look at a list of 30-40 skills?


It’s not just viewing the list, but it will also affect searches. If I search for a skill in the Fiverr search bar, if it’s in someone’s skill list it should find the seller with that skill (if the index is up to date etc.), so I’d find the seller with that skill even if I didn’t look at the list of skills the seller has.

If someone doesn’t list a particular skill they have that’s relevant to one of their gigs, there’s much less chance of the gig/seller being found when someone is searching for someone with that skill (maybe by searching for it or by clicking on the skill from one person’s profile to see all the sellers (or the top sellers) with that skill).

edit: I least that’s what I think. Maybe I could be wrong about the search bit, at least if searching with Fiverr (and if not with Fiverr, it should with Google).

edit2: I think I’m wrong about the current Fiverr search finding the skill, but they could change the Fiverr search and it would work with Google etc.


They could also improve the page that comes up with you click on a particular skill. It only shows a list of 16 sellers with that skill, with no way of scrolling through a more complete list of sellers who have it. It also doesn’t show which of the sellers with those skills are “verified” by having passed a Fiverr skills test in it.

You should really be able to filter down from that list of sellers with those skills to see the seller with a gig you are most interested in as well as see scroll through the list/search it, or otherwise better find the gig you want from it (eg. filter by online status, gig price, verified status/score or whatever).

They could also allow you to change the order of the skills shown in your profile.


Big applause for your meticulous eyes :clap::clap::clap:


All right, that makes sense, but first they’d have to improve search by skills. That is, to add search by skill like you can search by seller level and what not, and to really show all the sellers with the listed skill, with the verified ones at the top. Right now, searching by skills is such a mess that I’m afraid your suggestion wouldn’t really help.


But right now, a person with a certain amount of skills verified and added by the skills tests can’t add more skills that would likely help them get orders with their gig. eg. they might not be able to have even 4 manually added, unverified skills (without first deleting 1 or more verified skills).


I might be wrong, but somehow i can’t find the way to navigate “search by skill” easily. I doubt if buyer will search for “skill” as it is quite difficult if buyer should click skill on seller profile to do a skill search.

Unless Fiverr remap their site and make an easier navigation, i think that adding the skill limits won’t make significant change for getting sales IMO.

Also, the popular search seems reflect the buyer behaviour: they tend to search for products, not skills. The search bar itself doesn’t show any skill category if you do a search.

I wonder if Fiverr will look and consider about this like Upwork did :roll_eyes:


Yes I think I was wrong about the current Fiverr search finding the skill. Though it could help if searching with a search engine (Google etc.), as well as if you happen to be one of the top 16 or so sellers with a particular listed skill (eg. if that particular skill is clicked on).

Though for searching with the skills, it would be better if Fiverr enhanced searches for it.


If they don’t, then the “top 16 freelance” page won’t be needed anymore.

I think you should apply for their UX designer :laughing:


Another thing Fiverr could is they could put the skills into categories. So the buyer could be shown a smaller number of skill categories on a seller’s profile (maybe with a default category specified by the seller, that was open), and the buyer could open and close different skill categories to see which skills the seller had in the different categories (and possibly sub-categories). This would save the buyer having to scroll through a list of many uncategorized skills and they could more quickly see what skills the seller had that were the most interest to them.