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Suggestion: Allow creation of gigs when you have less than the maximum active even if you have >= the max in total

When you have the maximum number of gigs active for your level you can’t create a new gig, but even if you pause one of the active gigs (and you may have others paused too) you still can’t create a new gig even though you then have less than the maximum active (even after refreshing the browser page on the gigs page so it should know you have less than the maximum active for the level).

My suggestion is if you have under the maximum active, even if you have more than that in total, allow the creation of a new gig as that would still be okay with what it says for the different levels.


I would imagine Fiverr limits things to only the number of gigs allowed (regardless of whether they are active or not), in order to encourage people to focus on services they do well, rather than just flood Fiverr with the maximum allowed gigs just because they can. This encourages sellers to understand the limits, and learn how to specialize.

Just because you can have 20 gigs, doesn’t mean that you should.

I know exactly what you mean. I agree with you! I have been in the situation where I wanted to add a new gig but not delete one of my paused gigs in order to do so but it just isn’t possible. This would be a good change if fiverr were able to implement it.

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This encourages sellers to understand the limits, and learn how to specialize

But you can’t specialize if you can’t create a specific gig for what the buyer is asking for.
Maybe a buyer wants to give you a big tip and you don’t have a tip gig or maybe they want you do something specific (whether they’re asking you directly or it’s a message from the buyer requests), that you know you can do well but you can’t create a specific gig for it because you have >= the max gigs total for your level (eg. >= 7) even though you may have less eg. <7 active.

People’s skills can improve in different areas over time but Fiverr stops them creating gigs in those areas even if they pause other gigs to make the required number active.

It also doesn’t make sense based on what the level help says. It seems more like a bug. The level help specifies only the amount you can have active in any level not the gig amount in total.

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Why would you need to go to all of the trouble to great a new gig for one buyer, when you can just send them a custom offer?

If they need a special project, send them a customer offer for the exact work they need. If they want to give you a specific “tip”, then send them a custom offer for that amount. This is one of the easiest things you can do, and it allows you to send as many custom offers for custom services not already listed in one of your gigs.


Because the custom offer needs to be related to the gig. And if it isn’t very related A) you could probably get in trouble with Fiverr - you are really supposed to deliver what is stated in the gig description or package description or B) The review they give and what they choose to put in the gallery from the gig (eg. image/video) could confuse other potential buyers or misrepresent what the gig is for.

If the gig description says you will deliver x you really need to deliver x or you could get in trouble or misrepresent the gig for future buyers by what is shown in the gallery after the review.

Then find a creative way to associate the service with an existing gig. Or, remove an existing gig, and replace it with a general “custom project” gig that can be used to tie your custom offers to. There’s nothing stopping you from finding a way to solve your problem, you just need to look outside the box to make it happen.

Then find a creative way to associate the service with an existing gig

Yes I could do that but it still isn’t the ideal way of dealing with a specific request where all the packages could be not very related to what is being asked (eg. maybe the buyer wants something done to an image but all the packages talk about video) and may still misrepresent things when the item is shown in the gig gallery (eg. people may see just an image as the delivery when what they wanted was a video).

Or, remove an existing gig, and replace it with a general “custom project” gig

So the only other way is to delete a gig that I may have spent quite a bit of time to create :frowning_face:, that may have already had orders. When pausing should be what I should be able to do. If I could pause one of the gigs I could reinstate it if/when I achieved a higher level, but deleting it will never allow me to get it back - other than manually re-entering everything and re-uploading gig images/videos.

It would be much better if Fiverr allowed it to work the way the “Level help” screen shows - where the limit is on the number of active gigs not the total number of gigs (active+paused etc.).

Also a general “custom” project gig may not be what Fiverr staff wants - and the description may need to be too general or have to specify lots of unrelated things I could do in it. And it may not fit any one category & subcategory that had to be selected for it - eg. a “custom project” gig would really need to be able to cover multiple categories or subcategories but you need to specify a particular category & subcategory. A custom project gig also wouldn’t work any where near well as specific gigs in searches or for offers sent to buyer requests (where the ideal offer would use a gig as close to what the buyer is asking as possible and in the correct category/subcategory to see the request in the first place).

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Not necessarily. As long as the requested task is related to the chosen gig and can be completed it shouldn’t matter. Sending a custom offer assisted me in landing a couple gigs; I didn’t offer the services but was capable of completing the tasks.

I like the idea and I see no harm in it. Sometimes I have an idea for a new gig and the creation process helps me decide if it’s good or should be abandoned.

My paused gigs are ones I would put back up if I get more free time so I don’t want to delete them.

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