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Suggestion: Allow seller to cancel an order if the seller is not able to do a job

If a seller is not able to do the work asked for by a buyer (eg, either they just don’t have the ability to do it or it is just not possible with the software etc. they have) surely the buyer should not then have the option to refuse the cancellation request. What is the purpose of the buyer having the option to refuse (without changing what they are currently asking for), when the seller can not do the work that is being asked (and has selected the reason as “I cannot do this”).

Surely the option for refusal by the buyer when the seller cannot do the work (and has stated so) should be removed, unless the buyer changes what is required for the order to something the seller can do/something that is possible with the software etc. the seller has.


Any seller can have customer support cancel a sale if they can’t do it and the buyer refuses to agree to it.


I think it would be a good idea to have this option without CS to intervene in any way. Also, there should be the reason ‘I don’t want to do this’. I can imagine various situations where this would come in handy.


Cancel the order through Resolution center. You will on top right side on the order page.

I tried that and the buyer refused the cancellation request.

OP knows that. This is not the subject here.

Contact Customer support and they will cancel order for you.


@uk1000 Really fiverr authority come forward to modify the issue. Sometimes it’s hamper our Sellers valuable time. Again some buyers try to do more work than gig request. So i hope without CS, fiverr must give full right to cancell any order to sellers. ::):woman_astronaut:

Now you just need to show them that you can push that button more determinedly than they can. They will get tired of it and move along.

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I think this is better