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SUGGESTION: An option to stop the countdown to request more information from the buyer!

All of my gigs are completed in 24 hours or less. Since I’m a human and have a basic need of sleep, I can’t be on Fiverr 24 hours a day. When I start work on Fiverr for the day and see that a buyer hasn’t submitted the correct information, it is usually a few hours into the countdown (if the ordered while I was sleeping) and then we’re left with limited time to reach the buyer, request additional information from them and then deliver the order within the initial 24 hours.

I really don’t like having to request a cancellation to stop the clock because many buyers won’t read the message and will just accept the cancellation when all I needed was a little more info from them to be able to complete their order. Money lost makes me sad =(

I’m sure this isn’t a thing yet because people would surely abuse it, but there are very legitimate reasons for needing it.

I agree that it gets their attention, but there are always some who don’t pay attention to it. It should go back to an incomplete state rather than automatically canceling. It would surely save our cancellation rates and increase the opportunities to complete an order.

Here’s another option/scenario:

I have a buyer who waits until the 75% of the Gig delivery time has elapsed to decide that the work I’m doing needs to be adjusted in one way or another. One service I provide is delivered slowly over the course of the Gig delivery time. When asking for revisions that late in the game, it puts me at risk of running out of time to do the revisions. I ALWAYS contact them after one or two days to check in to be sure everything is OK. This particular buyer never responds back promptly.

When suggesting a cancellation, this buyer declines the mutual request.

I understand not every buyer would have a need for this.

Suggestion: Can we get an option to ADD TIME (a day or two?) to the countdown when a buyer decides they want to change the order late in the game?


Like a “mutual add time” to the gig. Yeah that’s it.

It would NOT cost the gig any ‘extra’ time from what is stated originally because it is agreed upon by both.


EXPRESS (24hrs) gig buyer decides they want extra/more you tell them olay but will cost $XX and 3 days extra and mash the mutual extra time button and the buyer mashes their button signifying acceptance and it STILL retains it’s express tag even though it took 4 days because it was mutually agreed upon.

Either way there should be some kind of a STOP gig timer action available to the seller when the buyer is not acting right.

Reply to @solidslick: Yes, I like the idea. You stated it better then I did I think. I would think a “mutual” time add revision thing would be good.

Reply to @solidslick: I had just loss my express tag for my gigs after the buyer add on for Gig Extra this 2 days.

I do contact the support team regarding this, they suggest me try not to offer Gig Extra to avoid your Express Tag “missing” and they told me that the express tag will be back again once the their system show that average delivery time within 24 hours.

I really want to see something like this implemented as well.

I usually deliver fairly quickly, but I’ve had to set my delivery time kind of high just so I have some leverage on the countdown if the buyer doesn’t supply me with what I need to deliver the order or in case complications arise.

I can only assume the delivery time displayed on my gigs might deter a buyer or two from getting the gig because they can’t wait that long …