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Suggestion. Birthday Gift Button


I was just thinking if it is possible for fiverr to put a birthday button on buyers side after the seller submit the job. It will say “Its blah blah’s birthday this coming week, you can send him a gift etc etc” something like that. I don’t know.


I bet you have a lot of friends and family too… they can give you lots of presents on your birthday! :grinning:
As per the business side of birthdays, a client will surely not send you more than a nice e-postcard which will accumulate among hundred others in your messages, just to be deleted after a while…
If your idea is to get free $$ just because is your birthday, well… that’s not business-like at all.
Nobody will give you money for nothing, instead, you can give presents to your clients in your birthday: that’s how business works (for example: offer to work the double for the minimum Gig as an option), instead of thinking about getting money for free, just work more to earn it.
What you think? :slight_smile:


All my client appreciates my job very well. They give TIP from time to time. I’m just giving them another option to express their appreciation much more. Its normal for an employee to get gifts from his boss or co-workers in form of gift certificate and that is not business i believe. Anyway this is just a suggestion. Last time I ask fiverr to place the order button all over the website so the buyer can see it always, I got a few negative comment and reaction yet still it was granted.


I uderstand your point.
But if you see it as a business (your business) and everywhere where I go, there are offers for “birthdays” and so on, all business give a discount/buy two and take one free stuff alike.
Nowhere I’ve seen “It’s our birthday come give us a present”

On the other hand, if I see it from Fiverr’s point of view, a message to invite a buyer to leave a “present” could maybe be taken into consideration, because they want to earn money. That’s why they get 20% from your tips as well… if they would take 20% from your birthday present that will also be a win-win situation for them.
You could have a valid point there.


If they leave that button up 365 days a year sure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True. That is why its good deal for fiverr. And true again, its uncommon to see a birthday button but not because its uncommon its not possible. Its like putting a can in front of your work desk saying “its my birday this coming week, give me money pls” as its label. There’s only two option… to ignore and to accept. But at least the option is there.


Nah not a year round lol. It will be there a month before your birthday. Or maybe a couple of weeks. Just like facebook notification where in your friends is notified when its your birthday so you have time to send him a greetings.


I consider it could be a good idea.:+1:
You’ve convinced me :grin:


Haha must hurry up before my birthday last :slight_smile: Thanks for getting into my side. But then again I don’t know if it will work. Fiverr got the best decision making so next is up to them.


It could also be a christmas bonus button too. Since we don’t have 13 month pay lol.


But this button already exists. It’s called “Tip” and buyer can gift you even if it’s not your birthday.