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Suggestion: Changes to Fiverr's Order Page (Buyer & Seller)

Hey Guys

I often find myself Opening my “Conversations” Tab from the “Order Page” after the “Custom Offer” has been Accepted. The reason for this is that my “Custom Offers” from my Inbox are well spaced and clearly readable.

“Conversations” Tab - Well Spaced & Clear

“Order Page” - A Mess

I have a lot of Buyers that has Specific Requirements for my services. So when I create my offers, I list what we’ve discussed. Trying to keep track with their projects from 2 different pages becomes distracting and looks unprofessional.

This also counts for “Order Requests” from the “Resolution Center”.

The other thing is the Space that Sellers get when creating Custom Offers. It’s literally only 4 Lines at a time. This causes a lot of scrolling to ensure my Custom Offers are Accurate & Complete.

Even better would be to have a Drop Down below the conversation when a Seller clicks the “Create Custom Offer” button. This will allow me to preview everything we’ve discussed without opening the “Conversation” in a Tab and the “Custom Offer” in another.

Just a suggestion, share your opinions. :slight_smile:

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congratulation :scream::scream:

That’s a good idea.

I usually type a list into Word and then just cross things off as I go. Feels like a to do list and I can keep track of all the requirements.

This may seem irrelevant to what you were saying but I think that there should be a video intro listed right next to or in proximity of seller or even buyer’s profile.

I know a lot of people just introduce themselves through gig video but it just seems to me to be not the place for it.There should be an additional option for that on your profile.

I’d kindly suggest that you remove any mention of the seller’s username from your message as this is not permitted according to the forum’s guidelines.

Thanks Hans

New on the forum. Will revise!

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