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Suggestion: Correct the new "Visual Effects" category


Fiverr today has created a new “Visual Effects” category with things like:

  • Rotoscoping & Keying (the pricing & delivery time doesn’t work properly for this subcategory/service)
  • Match Moving
  • Compositing
  • Cleanups

It just doesn’t seem to make sense for “Rotoscoping & Keying” to be put together like that. It actually says the service is “Rotocoping & Keying”.

Keying (eg. green screen replacement) normally takes a lot less time than rotoscoping without a green screen, even though it may need some rotoscoping due to unwanted elements, bad lighting/background, other issues.

Rotoscoping alone can take much longer to do than just keying, even if the keying shot had to be cleaned up.

It just doesn’t make sense to put them together like this where you can only give one set of prices (apart from the new “complex shapes” setting) and one set of delivery times for them.

My suggestion is to rethink the whole category so that rotoscoping without a green screen can be given a higher price and different delivery times than a shot with a green screen (without it just being part of “rotoscoping & keying”).

In fact should the rotoscoping (without green screen) be a part of the “composting” subcategory so it can be made a higher cost? Or have a whole new category/subcategory for rotoscoping without a green screen.

New subcategory! Visual Effects

Hey! thanks for being so active in the discussion about Visual Effects, as an avid VFX person, I hope you’re happy with the fact it now has a category of it’s own!

As for Rotoscoping & Keying, you’re right, these are two different techniques, but often considered done for the same goal which is separating the object from the background. It’s very important that you describe in your Gig which of the services you provide.

good luck!


Hey there!

Nice to see you replying to posts here on the forum!

Quick OT question;
What about after effects template editing services?
My gig is covered by neither category.

One is just video editing and the other has post production stuff.


That’s a good question, what would you suggest for that.

The problem is that many of the services offered in Video & Animation are After Effects templates based (i.e - Logo animation, some in Short Video Ads, Slideshows etc…) we won’t like to cause more confusion around it.

If you’re an After Effects expert and can do Ad-hoc projects, VFX would be the place for you, if it’s other templates editing, try to place your gigs in the specific places, like the App Preview one that you already have.

As I said, we’re always happy for suggestions



Thank you for getting back to me about this.

This is indeed confusing for buyers because of two reasons:

  1. After effects in general is a tool. Not the task.

So me being one of the most experienced AE users on this platform means very little if the task st hand is keying or tracking. Stuff that AE does but on the other hand tasks I don’t want to do personally.

I want to offer a broad video template editing service. Think of it like a wordpress developer who lets you pick your theme and then edits it for you by customizing it to your needs.

That’s completely different than what’s currently happening in the intro/logo animation category which leads me to…

  1. there is no indication on any of the gigs that are clearly based on templates sold elsewhere, that the videos on offer are, in fact, based on templates or that said templates are purchased for and have legally obtained licenses every time a new buyer purchases the gig. There should be a disclaimer and a clear distinction about original work and templates.

So I understand how there’s a bit of confusion surrounding video services and templates in general.

For instance my app promo video gigs are templates but are not templates from another website. They are templates i created to sell here on Fiverr. So that’s technically not the same as a service about template editing.

And I think it’s impractical for me to publish a separate gig about specific video template editing, like “short ad video template editing”, “slideshow video template editing” and so on and so forth.


If someone bought a template from eg. videohive would their licenses allow them to give that template to you to edit? And if you bought the template, would the license allow you to give the edited template to the buyer?

eg. their page says:

You can’t re-distribute the Item as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. You can’t do this with an Item either on its own or bundled with other items, and even if you modify the Item. You can’t re-distribute or make available the Item as-is or with superficial modifications.


I don’t use the template myself.

They are not transferring their license over to me.

I edit, deliver the end product to them and that’s that.

By “distribution” they mean me buying a template and then uploading it to my website for download or purchase. Or re-packaging it as something else.

Not sending the files over to an editor.

P.S. check out Envato studio. I’m sure it’s covered by their license otherwise how would they offer it themselves?



So about AE being like Wordpress. Just like we don’t have a category for Indesign Editing / Solidworks Editing / Illustrator editing etc…(We have Photoshop but it stands for a clear image manipulation service rather than the software) we don’t and won’t have “After Effects Editing” category. AE is a software just like Flame, Mocha, Nuke and others are… Wordpress within Programming & Tech is an exception having a category of it’s own because - it’s a service that is clearly for Website building while AE can be used for multiple things (VFX, templates, fixes, animation etc…). I suggest you try to narrow down what your actual service is because this is how the Fiverr marketplace is built right now.

About templates vs. original work - I hear you, but it’s worth mentioning that although the App Promo gig of yours is your own template, it’s still a template and it’s not necessary that our buyers make a distinction between the templates, they care about having an awesome video. Now - if they do care about it being one-of-a-kind video, 100% custom made, then even if you create your own templates, it doesn’t make any difference.

I know it’s not the answer you expect but I wanted to share the current status and as you know, we’re improving the category constantly and things might change as we move forward.

Keep the good work,


I hear you.

Thank you for your input.

I think I will keep the template editing service as is for now. Will experiment with a new service about one specific type of templates and see how that goes.

As for templates vs original, you are preaching to the choir. :slight_smile:

I always present my clients with the option to go custom as I do offer custom work at higher rates.

Not everyone has the budget to go custom.

I agree that people just want a cool video done at the end of the day and being able to offer both custom and budget friendly templated solutions is definitely the way to go in today’s marketplace.

Thank you Yoav.

P.S. I inboxed you a few days back, looking forward to hearing back from you on the subject. :slight_smile: