Suggestion: Evaluation for level advancement should be run more frequently


I think the site would be better if the evaluation for level advancement was run more frequently than currently. There’s no need for it to be only once a month. It could be updated 4 or 5 times a month or more frequently, such as daily.

The evaluation for level demotion could remain the same at once every month - or it could also be updated to be more frequent, but it doesn’t have to be the same as for the frequency of the evaluation for level advancement, since you probably need to be more aware of the date and also to have time to pause/activate gigs etc.

Do you think the evaluation for level advancement (only - not the evaluation for demotion) should be done more frequently than once a month?

  • Yes - 5 times a month or more
  • Yes - 4 times a month
  • Yes - 2 to 3 times a month
  • No
  • I don’t know
  • Other

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Also, if not, why not? If you meet all the stats needed to advance to the next level, why wouldn’t you want to advance to the next level as soon as you do (or as soon as possible after you do), especially since this poll is about the frequency of the evaluation for level advancement only, not the evaluation for demotion.


It will be changing constantly each time your stats change. It’s enough of a wild ride as it is. :roller_coaster:

If your stats sink, you have a little time to try to bring them up again.


It will only increase the level if your stats meet the new requirements. There’s a very big difference in required earnings between level 1 and level 2 so it will take a long time for most people to advance from level 1 to level 2. It will only advance levels at most at the frequency they decide (eg. maybe 4 or 5 times a month - for the evaluation only - which will help people get back to their previous level, but still make it hard to get to a level which requires a lot more earnings) and it will only possibly go down a level at most once a month (this poll is only for the promotion/advancement evaluation not for demotion - like it says in the first post.

If your stats sink, you have a little time to try to bring them up again.
With a higher frequency of evaluations for promotions there’ll be a lot more opportunities to advance (eg. there could be 5 times you within the month you could advance to the next level if you meet the requirements), but still only 1 time per month to be demoted if you don’t meet the requirements for your current level.


it makes no sense an evaluation only for promotion an not demotion.

Once you reach a LVL 2 or, TRS, you are more susceptible to lose your leve, than gain a new one, just because you reached the max possible level. Once you reach the TOP, there is just one way, down.

So promotions and demotions should be treated the same way.

Don’t forget that it’s a long path for EVERY seller. As harder to achieve a level is, more valuable this level will be.

Fiverr isn’t easy, and it wasn’t mean to be. So if you achieved a level 2, or TRS, you proved you deserve this, or there is no mean to have a level system if it’s too easy to get higher levels.


No it can be split into 2 different sets of evaluations (2 different process running).

Evaluations for promotion could be run eg. 5 times a month. The only possible result of those would be to either advance or stay as you were.

Evaluations for demotion could still be run once a month (eg. around 15th of the month). The only result of those would either be to stay as you are or be demoted if you no longer meet the requirements for your current level.

The evaluation for promotion can be more frequent because there’s no negative outcome and you don’t need the warning etc.


Honestly, I see no mean for this.

If you cant achieve a certain standard in a month, its much probably you wont achieve these standards in a week.

it is better think in reduce the standards to get a higher level, than run the evaluation more frequently. Which also is nonsense, because getting a higher level would be easier, and a higher level would have no value, since it would be too easy.

Fiverr wasn’t made for short term sellers. Sellers must be patient and keep fighting to achieve what they want (being a level or anything else).

There are many thousands of sellers on LVL2, maybe a couple of thousands as TRS. Why those could get there?

I’m pretty sure the problem of not achieving a level isn’t fiverr problem, but seller problems.
If 1 seller can achieve level 2, all others can too.


A user’s stats could go below the requirements on/just before the normal evaluation date and they’d get demoted but the stats could be back to all >=90% and >=4.7 stars very soon after the normal evaluation. So very soon after (within a few days of) the normal evaluation they could meet the requirements to get back to a previous level they were on but have to wait almost a month to get to that level, with less gigs than normal, much less buyer requests than normal, and less chance to earn. Having a more frequent promotion evaluation process would help with this and more.

because getting a higher level would be easier, and a higher level would have no value, since it would be too easy.

It wouldn’t be easy if you hadn’t done everything required to be at that higher level. eg. no matter how many times the promotion evaluation was run, if you hadn’t earned the necessary amount for it or your stats weren’t good enough, you wouldn’t be promoted to that level. They could also adjust the requirements if they thought they were too easy. They could also introduce new levels if they thought it necessary.


I think every three months would be better.


I think this is the better information of guideline and tips have a great knowlege :slight_smile:


That’s why level system isn’t something promotional, it something you must prove you earned.

Also, it’s a long road to succeed at fiverr. A month is basically nothing.

If it wouldn’t change (only to make seller getting a faster level), why do this? It will ease the leveling process, which wasn’t made to be fast or easy.

If it would be faster to achieve a level, it would be easier.

Again, leveling isn’t something promotional to appeal with buyers. I see many LVL 1 seller selling more than TRS (much to do with this crazy algorithm rotation).

Also, if for promotion should be 1 week for example, for demotions it should be too. Both process should be evaluated equally, like it is now. Because only easing the promotion process isn’t something good.

I thing it is really good like it is now. Monthly evaluation is good enough, like any company do. Accelerate this process isn’t something viable, since it will be all the same.


But if I already had eg. level 1, and I got demoted but very soon after have all the requirements to be level 1 again why should I not be level 1 as soon as possible? Why should I have to wait nearly a month when I already have all the stats and other required criteria to be level 1? Matching the criteria for the level should be the only thing you need to do.

Again, leveling isn’t something promotional to appeal with buyers

When I mention promotion I’m just talking about advancing to the correct level, not something that promotes your gig to buyers or anything. There are 2 definitions of promotion, and I’m not talking about the advertising one. But saying that, a level does appeal to buyers since some buyer requests (and those with lower levels see very few of them) ask for people with certain levels sometimes. The whole point of the level system is not just to give the sellers to access to the things available in those levels but also to help the buyers in their buying choice - otherwise it wouldn’t be shown to them and they wouldn’t have the option to filter gigs by seller level.

Both process should be evaluated equally, like it is now.

Like I said, it doesn’t need to be because they are different. Promotion (level advancement) is good. If you have earned enough and have all the right stats, surely you should be promoted (increase your level to what it should be) as soon as possible since you’ve matched all the criteria for that higher level.

Demotion is negative so you should have enough warning time, and so you need to be aware of the fact that you are likely to be demoted unless your stats improve and you need to be ready to activate the gigs you think would be best to and de-activate the others so you have the max for the level. So the lower frequency of evaluations for demotions is needed for this, since it’s negative for the seller and more warnings/warning time etc is needed, but a promotion (level advancement) is good so can be done as soon as you meet the criteria.


Why you sholdnt have enough warning time to maintain your level, like 1 month (like it is now)?

You need to understand that promotion and demotion are treated the same way, because the positive performance you have in 1 week, you can have negatively in this time too. Also, it is an average of your performance. Something of 1 week, is something just of the moment, which is nothing fair.

No, they arent. So if you can be instantly promoted, you should also be instantly demoted too.

There is no sense just pend to one side. The result of this is the result of the survey you did. Demotions and promotions should be treated the same way

What I mean is, if you can achieve a certain positive performance in 1 week, you are not invincible to achieve certain negative performance in the same time. So if you can be promoted in 1 week, you should also be able to be demoted in the same time.

anyway, keep your best and you may get there :slight_smile:


4 times a year MAX, in my opinion.


I think its good going! However I Would prefer it to be every 60 days because order completion and other stats also remain for 60 days so it will be a better option.


I think if you meet the statistic correctly, you should automatically advance. I have all of the stats for level 1 except for delivering on time, it’s so annoying ugh


In 1 year ago, we didn’t had goals to maintain. We couldn’t get demoted.

I think it’s ridiculous the standards fiverr created so we can just maintain a level. It’s being more difficult to maintain your level, than achieve a goal to be promoted.

But in other hand, this system “forced” me to become a better seller.