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Suggestion; FIverr can start Stock Market and Profit Sharing plan

Hi All,

How is this Idea? If fiverr starts it’s share purchasing plan to it’s best sellers it would be great. so that sellers who are interested from new sellers to TRS and Pro sellers can invest on fiverr shares and it will be win winn situation for fiverr and it’s sellers as fiverr is one of the world’s best freelancing and standard company.

It is just my thought and share it with you.

Any suggestions and tips are welcome :slight_smile:

You mean like employee stock options. I don’t think so, we are not employees of Fiverr. We are just freelancers that use its platform.

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When Fiverr is about to file for an IPO, you will be able to tell because they will start frantically cleaning-up house.

All those gigs offering pirated content? GONE.
All those gigs selling e-mails? Ditto!

Anything shady looking? Gone along with any traces of said shady gigs existence.

That being said, when they do file for an IPO you are free to purchase as much stock as you want, if you believe in this company and its ability to make money.

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I don’t think this will ever become a publicly traded company since it gets massive amounts of investment capital already. I’m not sure who it is that is investing those millions into it, but they like it just as it is.

Not so easy, there are practical difficulties. How can I - an Indian resident - buy Fiverr stock? I can buy Fiverr stock if it is listed on the BSE-SENSEX or the NIFTY - Indian stock exchanges. I can’t buy it if it is listed on the NASDAQ or on the Israeli stock exchange.

Can’t you buy stock listed on the NY stock exchange? Open an account at TDAmeritrade.

No, that is open only to US residents/citizens. Similarly, you cannot buy Indian/UK/Aussie/etc. stocks. You can however, invest through institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs. But that’s an option used by multimillionaires/billionaires, not by ordinary folks.

Oh I didn’t know that.

There was a theory that you could tell when a stock would go up on the NY stock exchange by watching the British stock exchange, which opened before the NY one. Then as soon as the NY one opened, within minutes, you would buy the stocks that had gone up on the British one. (How they had the same stocks I don’t know.) This method would work particularly well for gold stocks of course. Or oil stocks or any generic similar stocks.

Sure, that’s because of institutional investors, hedge funds etc. They operate beyond borders. Not for ordinary folks. 80% of the money in stock exchanges is through ETFs. - exchange traded funds.

Well with the internet anyone can watch the British or American exchanges in real time and do this. I used to sit nervously watching my stocks go up and down in real time on TDAmeritrade.

When a stock was going down I would buy it a couple more times to hedge my bets-- then sell it and maybe lose money on the first set of stocks I bought but make up for that more with the last two sets I bought, which I paid less for, if that makes sense.

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I did day trading too, often risking thousands of dollars for a few hundred dollars in profit. It’s not worth it. Only the online brokerage profits from day trading, not the traders. Better stick to long term investing if you want to invest in stocks. Better still, just put your money in diversified mutual funds. [In your case, investing in gold makes a lot of sense - gold prices are going up, but not as much as Bitcoins. Bitcoins are the new gold.]

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