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Suggestion: FLAG option for buyer requests

I’d like to suggest there be a way to flag certain buyer requests that clearly violate rules (or laws!)

Some of these “buyer requests” aren’t even requests… there just sellers’ ads trying to promote their own gig offers.

While other requests are asking for completely illegal things like: “Make me a Fake ID as if I’m 18 that will work for prove of my age on over 18…” or requests to take copyright symbols or watermarks off of images that aren’t theirs! As an artist, it make me furious that people are asking to take watermarks off of other artist’s property! The watermarks are there for a reason.

Whether or not they realize the buyer’s requests are not ethical, people are still submitting offers to these requests… and there needs to be a way to stop this.

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Definitely need this!

I agree, this is needed.