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Suggestion for buyers request

Hello, here I got one suggestion for the Buyers request. when we send the request to the buyer there should be an option where we can attach our best work. It could be the image or any other related to the request. Buyer will see the best work and can select the seller’s gig that he/she want.


Creative idea. Actually fiverr use gallery, live portfolio, PDF as sellers best work. What you say!

Love it. Outstanding idea! :slight_smile:

We sellers should tell the Fiverr admin about this so if anyone likes this IDEA please comment on it. We will get the opportunity to present our work to our valuable Buyers.

I agree and I would also like to be able to see the person’s profile or username before I send the offer. Because sometimes people already have gigs up doing the same thing you do but you don’t know until after the offer.

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Thant’s a great idea. There should also be another feature that provides buyer’s profile with statistics like number of purchases, ratings, cancellation rate etc.

Yes great Idea :slight_smile: Thanks for your post

I am out of likes. :disappointed_relieved: So here is a :heart: for you.

If you knew how many gigs I purchased, my rating, cancellation rate etc.

How would this affect the way you bid on Buyer’s Request?

Hello, gina_riley2
Buyers request is all about the wordings that we send to our buyers. Buyers see the proposal and choose the sellers for their work. If sellers can attach the image or something that related to the buyer’s requirement I think that would be great for us.