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Suggestion for custom offers (optional extras in custom offer)

I have many messages from customers requesting custom offers. After they request a custom offer I need to ask them if they would like each individual extra I offer (and tell them the pricing), then wait for them to respond, then send the custom offer with the price of the extras included.

My suggestion:
Include optional extras with your custom offer your custom offer. Customers can select these optional extras when accepting the offer. This will save time and be easier for the seller and customer.

What are your thoughts?

I like to provide what they get for what cost, and let them tell me what they need. Showing samples always helps too.


Thanks, I do that too but having a back and forth like that takes time and is slightly inefficient. Having all of the options there for them to select would be easier and quicker.
Do you agree?

It is a little slow, but it is how you build rapport and give the best service. You risk losing the sales with just sending a offer and the seller did not ask.