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Suggestion for Fiverr: Automatic Delivery Feature


I’ll bet this has been mentioned before, but it’d be nice if Fiverr had an automatic delivery option.

I’ve written my own 222-page e-book, and it’d be nice if Fiverr could just automatically send buyers the PDF without me constantly having to be present. It can get a bit overwhelming.

Perhaps I should head over to Payship to sell my e-book instead? Their fees aren’t as painful (LOL) and I believe they have an auto delivery option.


I’m not personally against the idea of an auto-delivery option in general. My best guess is that Fiverr might want a more personal touch with deliveries. E-books haven’t historically done that well on Fiverr though things change! There are so many good options for e-book delivery from Amazon to Smashwords that I probably wouldn’t use Fiverr if books was my main or only product.