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Suggestion for fiverr team


Hello fiverr team!
I want to thank you for considering my suggestion about 2 years ago (with approximation) regarding giving the users the possibility to select themselves the thumbnails of their promo videos.

Now I am posting a new suggestion and hope that you will consider it again.
Some of us receive a huge amount of messages every day. It is impossible for us to answer to all of them, work on everyones projects and keep them happy – and also, it is hard to keep ourselves happy with a good Response Rate. No matter how much we want to keep EVERYONE happy, when we have so many messages, we end up disappointing a few potential customers with our slowliness or even by not sending them a reply at all. My suggestion for you is – to create a feature so that sellers can CHOOSE THEMSELVES how many people can message them in a day. NOT how many messages they receive, this would make no sense, any person that sendS a message should be able to send as many messages as he wants – like it is now – but, I would be happy if I could choose myself the number of people that can contact me in a day. Lets say I want to select a maximum number of 10 people that can message me in a day – once 10 people contacted me via inbox in a 24 hours day – when the 11th person wants to send me a message as well in the same day, the application should display for him the fact that I REACHED TODAYS MESSAGES LIMIT AND THAT HE SHOULD BE BACK TOMMOROW. Or something like this, he should be blocked from sending me a message, until the next day when the application will restart.

The application should give the sellers the possibility to choose whatever number of people they want – 5, 10, 20 etc.
I personally cannot answer to 30 messages a day and get the open jobs done without ending up exhausted and without disappointing someone by making them wait a little longer for my replys.

I don`t know if this would affect or not fiverr sells, but I thought I would let this suggestion here.

Thank you very much for reading this!

PS - Or at least a button that can be publicly displayed when the seller`s agenda is full, or at least display a percentage of his availability( this button should appear there only if the seller will chose so, it should NOT be automatic)


+1 I really appreciate your idea.