[Suggestion for] Fiverr Video Chat! FINALLY


Hello everyone and fellow giggers :smiley:

I believe its about time fiverr introduced a video/audio call feature cause lets face it we really BADLY need this.

I have had a ton load of buyers who really requested to talk to me on call to discuss the big projects they want me to work on but sadly i have stayed to inbox chatting and not meeting them elsewhere online outside of Fiverr due to TOS.

Not only that but its a fantastic idea to talk to buyer face to face sometimes to develop an understanding and a friendly relationship and to help clear things out faster … because at times i get a ton load of revisions and a confused buyer at the other end… something a 5 minute audio call would solve right away

I know a lot of guys here have English communication problem but many others would love to converse and discuss the work with buyers in clear English and lets face it … typing lengthy discussions regarding one project and revision seems frustrating sometimes

I have seen alot of buyers in utter confusion sometimes who need help navigating around the site, placing orders n stuff and helping them out on call is the easiest

I once worked with a client long time back on Skype

It was the best experience we both ever had and trust me we have a very strong relation and he comes running back to me whenever he needs some graphic related work done

he needed a project completed within a few hours so i submitted him a draft and he came back with revisions right away. I shared my screen and showed him exactly what i worked out. He starting guiding me one after another thing and i followed and quickly completed his revisions whilst he was on call and i was able to submit a complete set of book illustrations in matter of few hours and since then we have been working to date.

I was sharing something i felt we really need what you Fiverrians think?

do lemme know and lets pledge Fiverr Teams to introduce this feature as I am sure it will boost the overall productivity of this site and i think the buyer will be more confident investing in a purchase if he can talk to the person he/she hired and discuss out the work with them in REAL TIME face to face :slight_smile: :smiley: :open_mouth:

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Add a phone (talk) option here on fiverr

Part of freelancing means not having to face clients most of time. Although it could be fun and useful, I think it’d put extra pressure on sellers. Would be cool if one could choose whether to allow for calls or not :slight_smile:


I would really like that feature. Most of what I do is write memoirs and it would be a lot easier to accomplish this if I could have a conversation with the customer. A lot of people are better at writing than they are at talking, so inbox messages def leave some room for misunderstandings.


well yeah exactly i agree with you

honestly even in my actual real life i always prefer calling rather than texting when something important and urgent is involved

this feature could really pay off in projects where the work needs to be done faster… revisions can be done and understood my both the parities in real time rather than sending and recieving messages and waiting on the other to respond back… i mean seriously :sunny:


oh yes of course its your choice whether to attend call or not … or u just tell the other person you wont be able to talk on cam or even on audio and you could just take things on the conventional way kind of like it happens everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you but only for certain lines of work.


I agree it should be available just for some kind of work and maybe just on big projects.

If I am correct just Upwork has some kind of video communication.


Click bait. :unamused:


Never ever gonna happen. Fiverr fears of direct work because they would lose income due to possible outside agreement between buyer and client.

I do agree with you that it would be easier to chat directly with buyers/sellers, but there is no way that Fiverr will add this feature. Unfortunately, they charge a lot to buyers and sellers. Also, their support is highly ineffective. My seller account was demoted twice to lvl 1 because a client asked me if he could speak directly to me.

Great idea, but not gonna happen, at least not in near future, and especially not now while they are testing Fiverr PRO feature. After all, they are busy inviting ‘‘pro’’ people and driving work to them, lol :smiley:

Btw, did you happen to think how much time would you spend chatting with clients who would only inquire for your services, but not actually purchase them? It could possibly lead to time wasting, unless you would charge them for your time when speaking with them?


Probably not going to happen because Fiverr will not risk buyers and sellers doing business elsewhere. But it would be very useful for some sellers to be able to offer this.


Maybe there is a way how to chat with users. If Fiverr would record audio video chat and if a seller would suggest working outside Fiverr platform then they could suspend a user for a certain period of time. By suspending I mean sending him on unpaid vacation. By unpaid I mean pausing his activity for a brief period of time, 1-3 days. However, in order to implement something like this a Fiverr support should be forthcoming and it should not be acting like parrots when you try talking to them,…you’ve breached Fiverr TOS, you’ve breached Fiverr TOS, you’ve breached Fiverr TOS, you’ve breached Fiverr TOS,…cos more the often something happens accidentally and it can be adjusted with ease rather than storming unnecessary.

There are numerous things which can be done to improve Fiverr unimaginably and make it the best site ever, but I am afraid that noone is listening :frowning:


yes Upwork does

and exactly it would be a big help in big projects :slight_smile:


Well i see your point about Fiverr not letting it happen

Also of course i wont be video chatting with everyone who comes my way. My first priority would be chatting with them through inbox and if things go well frther on and if the need for video chat arises then yes of course i would spend time with the client discussing out the work :slight_smile:


Well that sounds like a splendid suggestion kind sir :slight_smile:

I think fiverr should atleast try out this feature like they have done so many times in the past

But in some case it is a neccesity and I have felt the need for it :smiley:


I’m sure it will happen at some point :stuck_out_tongue: Other platforms have used it for a while and I don’t see them worrying about losing their customers.
If you want you can even do Skype video calls today. As long as it helps you deliver your service you’re good to go.


Hey i totally agree with you if other sites can confidently allow their sellers and buyers to use then fiverr is worrying

i believe skyping with your clients on Fiverr was against TOS?


There are always exceptions and customer service can tell if your reason is sufficient for using Skype.
If you really need it to provide a better service then you can get permission from CS.


Oh i see your point thanks i hadnt known that before :slight_smile:


I agree…I don’t think it will ever gonna happen…



Cmon who knows? :smiley: