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[Suggestion for] Fiverr Video Chat! FINALLY

I’m sure it will happen at some point :stuck_out_tongue: Other platforms have used it for a while and I don’t see them worrying about losing their customers.
If you want you can even do Skype video calls today. As long as it helps you deliver your service you’re good to go.

Hey i totally agree with you if other sites can confidently allow their sellers and buyers to use then fiverr is worrying

i believe skyping with your clients on Fiverr was against TOS?

There are always exceptions and customer service can tell if your reason is sufficient for using Skype.
If you really need it to provide a better service then you can get permission from CS.

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Oh i see your point thanks i hadnt known that before :slight_smile:

I agree…I don’t think it will ever gonna happen…


Cmon who knows? :smiley:

Yeah…but i do think that it will the waste of time and also Fiverr terms and policy will break by many sellers or buyers…I am happy with the chat option…The only benefit i can see with this system will be just we get to know more about the buyer…and that will reduce the cancellation rate…

Reduced cancellation rate, a better mutual understanding between buyer and client and confirmed 5 Star reviews since there will be less chance for error and yeah probably if the buyers and seller develop a chemistry they may work together in future… something fiverr really likes :smiley: a returning buyer :smiley:

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I am happy with the chat section.

probably you’re right…:slight_smile:

Stranger things have happened :slight_smile: Maybe they will add it one day :smiley:

And will happen again October 27, 2017 :wink:

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#Girls would love this feature!
Just kidding, Don’t take it serious!

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One of my favorite things about Fiverr is that it offers an easy way of saying no to questions such as “Could you set aside an hour tomorrow to discuss my background over Skype?” and “Could we hop on a call so that I can explain the duties I’ve had throughout my career”. I’d spend an age listening to life stories, transcribing entire career histories, and wouldn’t be able to offer the current Fiverr discounts.

It’s a no from me!!


I absolutely agree :slight_smile:

Wow nicely put :slight_smile:

Good for you :smiley:

Awww yes of course we would

I think that due to the fact that a lot of my conversations with buyers are either about negotiating prices and conditions and the very specific needs of my clients, a written chat window would work best. If you have your communication in writing then you have something to fall back on in case of a misunderstanding.

Also, as we are dealing with buyers and sellers from all over the world, no one needs to be seeing me at 3 am :fearful: It’s not a pretty sight.


Nicely put :slight_smile:
however i would still stick to it… i am not saying we have to talk to each and every buyer who messages us… but if we are already working on a project (esp if its a bulk) then audio/video chat can fasten things up when it comes to revisions :slight_smile:

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