Suggestion for Fiverr's Next Acquisition


In the spirit of Fiverr assisting Doers to Do, and following on from the exciting acquisition of, I would like to suggest a missing piece from the whole plan.

  • We have Fiverr to provide a place to gain clients
  • We have And.Co to manage time, task and invoice management,
  • We need Fiverr to acquire Netflix - to help us Do procrastination in a more effective way.

Procrastination is a key component of every freelancer’s work day and bringing Netflix into the Fiverr family is a natural progression.
In addition, the ability to then “Netflix and Chill” ensures we will have a full suite of tools for us to really Do better.

I don’t even need you to credit me for this idea @mjensen415 - you can say it was yours if you like, just as long as it happens.



Yaas Lawd! AWESOME idea! :star2:

My :heart: for Fiverr runs deep.


My :heartpulse: for Netflix runs deeper so much deeper.

Fiverr + Netflix = DREAM COME TRUE! :thought_balloon::tada::heart_eyes:


AHHH it would be so nice if I got a free subcription on NetFlix befor Game Of thrones Season 8 release :smiley:


Hmmm, @eoinfinnegan I’m thinking this would make us all into "Don’ters. :grinning:


Hey, we could produce a Fiverr reality show. :star_struck:


Stranger Things, too. Still, haven’t had time to watch. :popcorn:


Starring who? Drop some names. :smile:


Okay, hmmmm, well @nikavoice would definitely be top of my list. :heart:


GOT is masterpiece!! There is no such thing can be made like GOT, I must make time for it. Valar Margulis :smiley:


I hear ya!

Secret: I’ve never watched not even (1) episode of GOT. :grimacing:

Sweet! 'Cause you’re on mine. :kissing_heart:



I find I work better with some post-procrastination guilt though.

Rumors that after acquisition, the name will be changed to Flixerr are as yet, unconfirmed.