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Suggestion for getting more sales

Bring your Suggestions here to help New Comer Like me.

I’m having some sales on most of my gigs. I’m thinking i will delete other gigs because creating something innovative. Please check out what i will do…

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Your gigs look good.

A few tips:

1: Never feel dow when sales are low for a moment, or even for a longer time, use that time to think about innovating even more. Think about more services you can offer. Take a look at your current gigs and try to think of ways to improve it. Improving things is almost always possible. Perfect doesn’t exist.

2: As a beginner, give it some time. Sales don’t come in instantly. Just work your butt off on every order you get, try to get repeat customers. Once you’ve got a few reviews, more customers will come.

3: Check out the buyer requests. For me this has never given me a sale, but it might help you! There are tons of requests coming every hour. Just offer things you do.

4: Market your gigs on social media, ask friends to share it, do everything you can to give it a bit of marketing. Once you’re started getting more and more orders, less marketing is required.

Hope that helped.

  • Mike

Your offering this: I will do any PHOTOSHOP work within 12 hour for $5

Yet your gig says this: 2 Days On Average

And then I see you offer One Day Delivery for $5.

So I recommend this:

I will do any PHOTOSHOP work in 2 days for $5

Then you can charge $5 for one day delivery, and $10 for delivery within 12-hours. Frankly, I don’t recommend promising to deliver in 12 hours, because I assume you have a full-time job, so what will you do? Do Fiverr when you’re at work? That can get you fired.

I would recommend you to use an Email Extractor. This program collect e-mail addresses on any given keywords. Then you can send direct letters to people who might be interested in your proposition. The program allow you to get more than 2,500 e-mail addresses within 25minutes! If you want to know how it works, you can find it on Youtube-

Thanks for you the suggestions. Appreciate it a lot.

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Okay… You REALLY need to stop spamming this video all over the Fiverr forums.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks for your great suggestion! I will change for basis on your advice.