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Suggestion (For Gig and To Get Orders)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the Link to my GIG

Please Suggest me how can I get order . I was working before for an organization for last 5 years . Now Started my own work .

Looking forward


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Thanks Will be patient and will wait for the best :slight_smile:

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You could change the title. eg. where it says “make a App Icon” it could say “make an App Icon”

“A app icon should” could be changed to “An app icon should”.

It might be better to make the number of revisions in the premium package a bit less than unlimited.

Also, is the “Colour Used” in the images meant to show every colour that is used in the icon as it only seems to show 2 of the colours used in the example icons?

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Thank you for the response :slight_smile: I will look at the things you said :slight_smile:

Color used it is just to show some of the color as some icons have many colors . So showing every color will take more space and will look bad . So only the main color :slight_smile:


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